4 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD March 21, 2021 Vlog #2030 (includes photos)

  1. First part looked like Pete The Turkey Teacher, leading VBS for turkeys or something!
    Then it looked like he was leading Gym Class for Turkeys!
    Then running the Turkey Corn Kitchen.
    Do you guys have a goal number of turkeys to host at your shelter? Sure wouldn’t say they’re homeless!! A happy turkey is, well, a happy turkey! 🙂
    One pic in particular that I like best, Pete: close-up of the beautiful turkey facing you with another turkey beside.

    Thank You, Lord, for the sweet and beautiful entertainment you have created for us! <3

    1. We’re not seeing so many deer now that there is green stuff for them to eat plus they’re out there having babies probably, but the turkeys are always here to keep us laughing. Pete is funny with them, he goes outside and talks to them and they appear from the woods on all sides, it just cracks me up!

  2. Sherry, loved the video of the turkeys I didn’t realize there were sooo many…..they don’t go hunting there do they?? Pete looks like he likes seeing them and feeding them….I couldn’t see the whole tarp but I know you will enjoy it being down and the nice weather. Sorry I have been mia for a bit….went to the doctor for a six month check up and they wanted to try and get me off two meds and increase one….was able to get off the water pill one htcz but I tried weening off the beta blocker again last year the doctor I was with told me I was only on 50 mg so I could just stop cold turkey even when it has a black box warning not to do that and I couldn’t increased bp and heart palpitations….this time I weening down for two weeks and the same things happened a lot faster and so she said to go back on one pill instead of two and cut it in half a half in the morning and a half a night with my other bp med that she increased a little bit will see…..I am really tired of it all I know it will work out but just tired I had a really bad day yesterday with all of it and now I have to give my body a few days to see how it will do…..I think I told you that my youngest got engaged sooo thrilled…..I am praying and have been that they come to a deeper understanding of Jesus and a personal relationship that is my hearts desire along with other members of my family being saved and I have given it to the Lord and just pray. Other than that Bart’s car bit the dust we were driving my Mom’s old car and God is good and led us to a good really good used truck Bart has always wanted one it is affordable, reliable and ours.lol thanks to none other than the Lord. Thank you Jesus….My youngest who got engaged is coming for Easter and I am thrilled. Lets see my son got a different job a lot of stress at his old job and God is good lead him to a whole new career he is an electrician apprentice and he loves it….so I am thrilled for him he was out of work for about a month had gone through a lot of stress for months on other job which was a corporation job fancy that…..things work out when you involve Jesus….he is in a committed relationship for about 8 months and things look good. Oh wanted to ask you how do you and Pete feel about the vaccine are you going to or have you gotten it??? I am in a wait and see don’t know how I feel about it…my Mom who is 80 got the Johnson and Johnson one at her doctors….Sherry please don’t ever think I am gone….I love you both just get lazy or busy….you both are always in my prayers and thoughts….love you…..:-)…Debbie

    1. Well that was crazy, was replying to comments and fell asleep sitting here, slept several hours…anyway, yes, lots of people hunt the turkeys and the deer, though there are so many that I don’t have relationships with any of them so if a few are missing now and again I don’t really notice. There aren’t nearly as many deer as there were this winter now that the snow is gone and things are greening up and they have plenty to eat. They still wander through, just a few at a time, and look for any leftover grain on the ground but it’s more like an afterthought than desperation now. They’re having their babies now too, so are busy with other things. We should be seeing baby turkeys coming with their moms shortly as well, I will definitely be getting pictures and video of that! So glad your son was able to find something he loves, a lot of people wonder how to know God’s will for their careers and lives, when we find something that we love, and that God gave us a passion and talent for, that’s how we know I believe. Ditto his relationship, you are so right that involving Jesus makes all the difference! No we won’t be getting the vaccine, I have a lot to say about that but not here, no way will we be getting it. I am so excited for your Easter with your daughter coming home, that will be so lovely! I have thought about texting you a few times but usually it’s when I’m busy and can’t right that minute and then forget hahaha! So typical. I always have a sense that you’re not gone though, the connection is still there in my heart. I’ve been praying for you too especially about your BP and meds. Love you too! Sherry

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