3 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD: Jan. 9, 2021 Vlog #2043

  1. Precious kidlins and darling parental figures! xoxoxoxoxo
    Can’t believe how much Leelan looks like his mother!! Not just features, but facial expressions!! <3
    Be well and stay warm, family!!!

  2. Hi Sherry, we finally got to see one of your vlogs on your channel.

    We continually are very impressed with Leelan, such a good boy.

    But….a major observation…… you lot are all able to meet up, something in the UK that’s just not allowed at present due to the severity of the COVID pandemic.

    It’s just over a month since we all had it and the kids are all fine but kath and I are left exhausted still….it’s no joke.

    Sending our love to you all,

    Stay safe my friends


    1. I just realized when I sat down to reply to you that it is probably the middle of the night there? It’s about 19:42 here right now which means I’m still writing to you “today” as I said, but it’s tomorrow there already right?
      You’re right, Leelan is a great kid! You remember when he was little, I think I met you when he was about 2 and lived with us? Of course we didn’t talk about him much then I don’t suppose, we weren’t close like we are now, and certainly had lots of other things to discuss! Anyway, I do recall something…but I can’t remember anymore…
      Yes, in the states that have lifted their restrictions – or the one that never had any in place – covid is pretty much gone and it’s been life as normal there for a long time. No masks, no staying home, etc…as it is in much of our county where a large part of the population also continued life as normal throughout, without any more loss of life than usual. Yet where it strikes it can be so serious and terrible! I’m glad the girls both are doing well but you and Kath need to take more time to recover, I suppose, from what I’ve read about it. I have prayed for you guys and I know that you will be fine, in time! (You only have one chance to recover…remember? LOL!) I’m thankful that you’re recovering though! Please continue to take good care!
      P.S. I don’t know if you read my “love notes” in the chat box, but today’s vlog that I intended to have up by noon my time STILL isn’t up. But the site where I post them has been overrun with millions of new users in the last week or so and are really struggling to keep up, working around the clock to add servers and handle the influx. So I’m being patient, and hoping it goes up tomorrow (where it’s already today where you are)! Love to you and Kath!

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