VIDEO UPLOAD – Fri., May 28, 2021 – A Day With 2 of The Grands

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – Fri., May 28, 2021 – A Day With 2 of The Grands

  1. Getting up so early for us both was a task but we took naps – alternating turns. Leelan sure has some great projects. Wonder if any of them give him badges for Cub Scouts. Luna was fun all day long but was so glad when I came out of the bathroom and she yelled “Umpa’. I picked her up, she laid her head on my shoulder and she was out light a light.

  2. Always nice to see the kids! Leelan has a bit of engineering in him!

    That is cool and sad about the turkey. He probably needs your extra food.

    I am cleaning my oven with Easy Off. I’ve avoided it for years opting for natural ways, but it just needs a good cleaning. argh

    1. Leelan has been interested in how things work and how to put things together since he was little, we’ve always thought he’d been an engineer someday. He loves STEM/STEAM subjects in school, and his Kiwico Tinker Boxes every month too!
      I never used Easy Off because I’d read of people losing their birds from the fumes but when it’s gotta be done it’s gotta be done! I’m sure it’s all clean and “niney” (as Leelan used to say when he was a toddler sitting on the counter watching me Brillo my frying pans LOL) by now and that always feels good!
      The scraggly turkey came to visit tonight, Pete was in the house sleeping and Maisie and I were sitting outside, that turkey looked me right in the eye and “talked” to me…he does get to eat his fill here!

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