VIDEO UPLOAD – April 30, 2021 Vlog #2042 KY Trip Post #4

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One thought on “VIDEO UPLOAD – April 30, 2021 Vlog #2042 KY Trip Post #4

  1. Scenic but I don’t think everyone gets to understand that as you climb a hill there is no way of knowing if the road goes straight, suddenly bends left of right or a sharp turn is coming. There is also about a foot of shoulder on the sides and a ditch on each side covered with grass and weeds. Keeping ones eyes on the road is imperative also I was not expecting the travel traitor or vehicles coming from the other direction. Can you say ‘White Knuckles”?
    Red lights here in Kentucky mean 6 more cars are going through the intersections even though you have a Green light.
    As far as the Kentucky River goes, It is a long way down to get to the river to fish or magnet fish. Its touch to decide if I should get a $55 non-resident year fishing license but I can tell I want to Catfish that River. Once I fish or magnet fish – how do I get back up the hills to bring my trophies back to the campsite
    Keep in mind my left knee is so bad now that I wear a spring knee brace to help me walk and have to use a cane as well. Wish I could afford a golf cart so both Sherry and I could further explore this campground.
    Even Sherry using her ‘Squalker’ on hilly inclines and slight valleys is tough to get around.
    I finally got a good night’s sleep. Hoping for church today with my Sister and Brother in law.

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