VIDEO UPLOAD – April 25, 2021 Vlog #2040

A one-take video of my face talkin’ while sitting in the Costco parking lot…and if you’re looking for it, my photo of the trees didn’t turn out well so it’s not included “down below”.

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – April 25, 2021 Vlog #2040

  1. Oh, were are you guys going on the trip?? Glad Pete is enjoying the shrimp tempora….is in the freezer section?? I don’t think I have seen that….will have to look for it. Bet you have cataracts….it starts at this age….my eye doctor told me I already have one nothing you do to cause it and everyone gets them….but once you get the surgery you won’t need glasses….just a thought. That popcorn place sounds good…..Bart loves popcorn….me I just have to be in the mood but you make it sound good. Take care and God Bless you both…..:-)….Debbie

    1. Yes, we were planning it but didn’t know when until a few days before we left, actually. Then there was a LOT to do to get ready and we did forget a lot of stuff, but in the end we made it!

      The shrimp tempura is in the freezer section, it is like a shrimp stick, I tried a bite of one and it is delicious, though pricey so I’m not going to eat them, I could get 144 fish stick for half the price of those shrimps hahaha! But he loves it so that’s something good, he’s so limited in what he can eat.

      I’ve already had both eyes done for cataracts BUT an optometrist told me once that the lens implants they put in can get cloudy too and sometimes need to be redone. However, since The Great Glasses Swap my eyes aren’t bothering me as much. Still, I need to go get them checked after we get home.

      I’ve always loved popcorn, and Brownie’s is the best I’ve ever had. Amazing stuff! Another reason you should come visit Michigan :).

      God bless you guys, I hope your spring isn’t too hot yet, love you too!

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