VIDEO UPLOAD – April 24, 2021 Vlog #2039 – The Grands!

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – April 24, 2021 Vlog #2039 – The Grands!

  1. Hey Sherry, please make note of my new email….long story we changed carriers….don’t know if it makes a difference on here but I think it Oh in looking at the video Maisey’s harness we have one and I think that thick part goes facing down and then you hook the leash to the front under her breast bone and it keeps her from pulling the way you had it on looked like she could get her leg caught up in it but of course you know know what works for you guys just thought I would let you know how we use it. Oh just realized you realized about the harness….lol, lol. Leelan is getting so big I didn’t recognize him at first…..the baby is sooo beautify and getting so big as well… Lyra is such the little lady…. your food looked sooo yummy the flatbread….yum and Pete’s nachos yum!!! So many turkeys….but they looked like they settled Hope this finds you well….love you both….God Bless you…..:-)…Debbie

    1. I will do that, it did make a difference only in that I had to approve it but you’ll be good from now on.

      Yes, I had Maisie’s harness all messed up! I had unclipped all 4 clips and couldn’t figure out how to get it back together, then how to get it on, it was a mess LOL! Good thing she’s patient!

      Casey’s kids are definitely growing too fast, that’s just too much to hear Leelan’s deep voice, it shatters me every time. Casey gave us picture frame that plays a slideshow for Christmas, and there are a ton of pictures of Leelan when he was little and with us, so adorable, and comparing him to the young man he is now is almost heart-breaking! The first time I heard Luna talk I got a similar feeling, though Bill had taught her a lot of sign language so they could communicate before she could verbalize and there are times she signs something and I have no clue so I’m glad she’s talking now. Lyra…well, she will always be the diva…LOL! She’s so much fun and has a gift for making people smile and laugh!

      I hope our turkeys are doing ok at home, at least there’s no snow and they can find bugs and things, plus there’s a good part of the poultry block out there for them to snack on too.

      Love you too, always great to see you :).

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