VIDEO – Tyros5 Update – How It’s Going

An update on the trials and tribulations of hearing my new-to-me keyboard; demo of sounds; finally, a working setup!

3 thoughts on “VIDEO – Tyros5 Update – How It’s Going

    1. I love that you’re able to comment again LOL! But yes, it is AMAZING sound, and lots of ’em too! It is the 13-years-newer version of the 9000Pro that I still miss! I’m sure once I get used to it I will love it just as much, there was a big learning curve with the 9000Pro too!

  1. My goodness, what a dilemma in finding the connections to get what you want out of your BEAUTIFUL keyboard! You would think the original owners would have had (and sold) everything needed for the maximum benefit of the instrument…(?) Amazon would be able to help with the music stand I’m sure, but your diy ‘shelf’ works too! (smile) The demo tape was nothing short of FANTASTIC! Like WOW! Love your wildlife and how nature interacts together. Pete is surely ‘fattening-up’ those turkeys for the November hunt…sigh. Happy Anniversary, and I will enjoy learning how you’re using your new ‘Griddle-Cooking-Station’. Love sent…

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