VIDEO ~ Oct. 1, 2021 Vlog #2071

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO ~ Oct. 1, 2021 Vlog #2071

  1. When hubby & I lived in our lake home, one day we went to mow the lawn, and our riding mower wouldn’t work. I lifted the hood to find multiple mice and their nests. It happened in less than a week. Once cleaned out, we found that they had chewed essential wiring, so the machine had to go in for (expensive) repairs. Wow about your vehicle. It was nice of that someone to take Pete to town to retrieve it. Concerning about your water supply as well, but you seem to have a solution for that too. Sorry about your life challenges. We all have them, but you have had your fair share all clumped together. Please email me your mailing address. Enjoyed your vlog (just not all its contents).

    1. I replied to your email address change email…if you will write to me at my public email – – I will reply with my private address that I don’t give out except to a very few special people…

      I was SHOCKED that the car ran fine on the 21st when we went out, the only thing was an idiot light that we’d never seen before came on; Pete had to look it up in the manual, and it didn’t make sense to me that it came on. But it was running fine. Then on the 22nd Pete went out and the car tried to start but wouldn’t stay started. So we will NOT be feeding the birds anywhere near where the car is – they usually eat on the near side of the cedar tree and we park on the far side – and I’m guessing that is what encouraged the mice to come to the car. We will only feed the birds at the feeding station WAY across the yard, now.

      One interesting thing: we had prayed about a solution to our mouse issue, and within a couple of days, for the first time in the 17 months we’ve lived here, a cat showed up and has been hanging around! So thank you, Lord!

      We got the water filtering contraption today too, I was just about to do a post on today’s happenings and saw your note so I wanted to reply right away :).

      Why DO those challenges always seem to happen in a clump? Really things aren’t going badly here, our needs have been met as they always are, but it is true that when one thing happens then other things tend to go down in quick succession!

      Always excited to hear from you, whether here or in my email inbox or wherever! Think about you ALL the time and miss you otherwise! Love you Annette!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    It’s been a long while since Kathryn and I checked in with you and I guess so much has happened.
    Sorry to hear you are having car troubles but I have to say it’s wonderful to not only hear your voice but to see you looking so well.
    Take care,

    Sending you all our love from across the pond

    1. Hi, Stefan! I’m glad to hear from you, I admit I’ve been concerned since I didn’t get an answer to my last email but have been praying for you guys. The car troubles are resolved, thank God, and all else is well! Please say hi to Kathryn for me, and of course Loki and the others :). (I hope all is well with the girls too of course!)

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