VIDEO – July 22, 2022 – Turkey Time!

Just a couple of minutes of the neighborhood turkeys this morning as they start their new day.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO – July 22, 2022 – Turkey Time!

  1. Pete, the ‘Turkey-Whisperer’. The turks weren’t the least bit afraid of him. Of course a few squirrels & and couple of blue-jays had to have some of the ‘feast’ as well. Thanks for sharing. That was interesting!

    1. No, the turkeys love Pete, he goes out the door and starts calling to them and they come out of the woods. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds the same – even have a pileated woodpecker that comes to within a few feet of him, and also scolds him if the block feeder gets empty LOL! The deer are the only critters, I think, that are still skittish but that’s to be expected I guess. Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Yup those critters sure love Pete :). When we come home from somewhere the turkeys come out of the woods to greet him, even lol

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