VIDEO: Highlights of Casey’s Graduation, Dec. 10, 2022

I have gallons, tons, and miles of video and pictures from this day, but I don’t think our internet could manage uploading a file that huge! So here are the highlights, and I hope that you enjoy them. This was a BIG DAY and I am one proud mom! This girl…well…you can read what I wrote on my update from this day :).

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Highlights of Casey’s Graduation, Dec. 10, 2022

  1. Oh what a wonderful ceremony. I had no idea Casey was even working towards her degree in Business Administration, but I offer my sincere Congratulations!! You & Pete are looking good. You’d never know that you’re in so so so so so much pain!!!

    1. Thanks, that’s my goal, to not be a debbie-downer all the time and keep the bad stuff to myself – especially if it would tarnish Casey’s very special day 🙂 Pete is the same way. But when we’re at home sometimes it feels like a contest to see who can moan and groan the most hahahaha!

  2. How very exciting for Casey and all of you!!! She has worked hard and done something very special. Her kids will always be impressed and influenced by it! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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