Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 19, 2020 Edition

A tale of 2 husbands

The dog I had at the time didn’t like my first husband. Even while we were dating, she snapped at him, though she’d never snapped at anyone in her entire life. She also placed herself between him and me, which I attributed to jealousy. If I’d only known then what I know now, except then I wouldn’t have my beloved daughter and her family…

My current husband has always been loved by not only my pets but all animals. And I know now what I know now.

If God waited to find someone perfect to use to accomplish His purpose, He would have to do it alone.

It is often a matter of perspective. I see everything in black and white, no shades of gray, which many believe to be “wrong”. Yet there may be a black AND a white version of the same truth. And likely is.

Upon what do you base YOUR opinions? If, like many people I personally know, you have a single source (such as MSM in this example) that you never question, you don’t have an opinion. You simply quote others because you choose not to think for yourself, which means you don’t act on your own initiative and are merely a ball of clay in the hands of whomever has control of you at the time. And, those many people I personally know, are incapable of discussing the reasons for their opinions, let alone why they dismissed differing thoughts.

Don’t dismiss those of us who see black and white. We see black AND white – or round and square. Don’t try to share someone else’s directives with me as your own thoughts, when you don’t even have one (let alone 2) that you’ve arrived at of your own accord.

And be kind to animals.

Yes, these all can be related to each other, but I’m not going to tell you how. Think for yourself.


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