Thursday Thoughts – May 13, 2021 Edition


The travel bug hit me years ago. I’ve always loved camping and always loved exploring new places. So it was a no-brainer that, as soon as we were able, Pete and I bought a motorhome and went on the road full-time. And we really enjoyed it too! But as time went on we wanted a place to settle, and to come back to after our trips, and the Lord provided that place. Well, 2 places actually…

We couldn’t decide between 2 lots that were for lease, so we leased them both in Dec. 2019. The one that I loved especially turned out not to be suitable for us, we decided after the first 6 months…so we moved to the 2nd lot the following spring. And though it lacked some of the things I loved about the first one, it quickly became home, and in the year we’ve been here we have become firmly rooted.

So during the last 2 weeks we went to Kentucky, as you know, and it was beautiful there. There were so many areas that we enjoyed exploring and driving through, and of course with my sister/best friend and brother-in-law there, that’s a huge draw as well. But as time went on, as much as we were enjoying ourselves, we started to really miss this place we live.

Now we both long for heaven, and both realize we are visitors here and are ready to go any time Jesus calls us. I’m not talking about that kind of Home where we’ll go to spend eternity, just the (much less important) home we’ve been given here in the world.

We see God in this place, in the river that flows through behind our motorhome, in the sounds from the woods that surround us, in the deer and turkeys that come to our clearing throughout the day, the variety of wild birds and little squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, woodchucks, ‘coons and ‘possums…we get it all, and it all brings to mind our Creator and the creation that leaves us breathless.

I’m sure there are similar areas in Kentucky, and sure did find it beautiful…but there truly is no place like home.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – May 13, 2021 Edition

  1. Sure was great to see you guys! So glad you’ve gotten to see what is now our home turf. 😀
    Thankful for hundreds of miles of safe travels provided by the Lord (and for straight, flat Michigan roads!!).
    God is good all the time!!!

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