Thursday Thoughts – July 8, 2021 Edition – The Trip That Wasn’t But Will Be. Sort Of.

So after paying well in advance for a week at the usual campground and buying a vehicle before we were really prepared so that we could make the 325 mile trip, and (especially Pete) working SO HARD in the awful heat and humidity to get packed and ready – not just us but 2 dogs and 2 parrots – until we were exhausted and almost in tears…we got less than 10 miles down the road and couldn’t complete our trip. The “new” car we bought specifically for its heavy-duty towing package apparently doesn’t like to tow. Especially up hills. And it shows its displeasure by spewing out smoke and belching forth an incredibly stinky strong chemical smell for good measure.

So we turned around and came back home. And unpacked Junior (our travel trailer’s nickname, for those who didn’t know). Got him parked and all hooked up again to serve as a guest house/ham shack. At which point Pete let me know that he was going to go up there for the weekend, in the “new” car which drives just fine as long as it doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting. And he proceeded to repack the car. He leaves in the morning and will be back Sunday. I will of course be tending the home fires with the dogs and parrots.

There are times, I freely admit, when I squint at God and ask, “NOW what?” and the answer usually comes back as “Trust Me.” So we do, and in the end though we may not find out WHY things worked out as they did, we always find that they do, and see that He did, indeed, have a plan. It just isn’t what we usually thought it would be.

I don’t dwell much on my physical and cognitive issues online, either here or elsewhere, but it has been years since I’ve been alone for any length of time and, I admit, I’m just a bit apprehensive about it. Without going into detail, every possible scenario that I wouldn’t be able to handle comes to mind. Even though they probably won’t, in reality. Still, I was more than thrilled when I asked Casey and her family if they wanted to have a camping weekend here, in the privacy of Junior, complete with wildlife and campfires, and they accepted. So I won’t be totally alone, I’ll have help if I need it but not planning on needing it, and it will be a VERY FUN weekend instead of one to dread!

My thoughts? No matter what God is still on His throne, and has a reason for everything, and I GET TO SEE MY GIRL and her family this weekend! WOOHOO!!!

P.S. The campground, a GREAT place called Country Village RV Park, has already refunded 6 of the 7 days we’d paid for in May. I really enjoy that place, it’s clean and friendly and very well-kept, and I love it there. If you’re ever in the Ishpeming area they’re the best place to stay…and they have small homes to rent too!

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – July 8, 2021 Edition – The Trip That Wasn’t But Will Be. Sort Of.

  1. Have a GREAT time together! Thank you, Casey and family! It is good to know Mom won’t be alone!! 🙂 <3 Much love to all!

      1. God provided for him again…(we’ve lost count, and that’s just the times we’ve known about!)…he just texted that he’s going to bed. Sounds like he’s having a good time so far.

      2. Just passed that campground there is a motel I aw able to get into without paying the over $200 other places were charging. I only paid $56 a night for 2 nights. Gotta say God is Good all the time and all the time, God is Good.
        I also found $80 in the glove compartment that I had put there and had forgotten about. Glory, Praise and Thanks to God.

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