Thursday Thoughts – April 28, 2022: Miscellany

A few things have caught my attention and triggered opinions lately. If I can remember them I will share them today. As of this morning I can only recall one. But others may occur to me as the day wears on.

FEELINGS – What is up with the whole “I feel like…” thing? So many people say, “I feel like [the sun will come up in the east tomorrow morning]” (as an example)…describing a fact as a feeling, as if how they feel actually has some control over the fact? And everybody’s saying it! I feel like I’m hearing it several times every day.

SHOWERS – Living without running water I have learned that there is more than one way to take a shower. Of those I’ve used, my preferred method is the spray bottle, filled with no-rinse body wash. If the water and cleaning agent comes out of a shower head or a spray bottle and cleanses my skin, what’s the difference? (hint: the answer is “None that I can tell!”)

FOOD – I’m kind of fascinated by the carnivore diet for healing my body. However with the kidney stuff going, on a high-protein WOE may not be the best option! We’ll see how my lab work looks next month I guess, I’d love to start doing a meat-heavy keto, mostly animal-based with a few helpings of low-carb veg each week, depending…I see my doctor again on the 18th. Meanwhile, I’m researching.

RESEARCH – Because that’s what I do. I research. Always have, even in pre-internet times. Everything. Endlessly. Before I make any decisions, no matter how major or minor, I research. So don’t even try to change my mind about stuff. I don’t make up my mind until I’ve researched every facet, angle, and aspect. And then I don’t change it! That’s just me.

HEADACHES – I rarely get them. Very rarely. Then today I’ve had a doozy! So this is the end of the post. Sort of…

DOOZIES – I just remembered, when I was a kid, we had some toys called Doozies. They were made of styrofoam, and maybe were round, with notches that sort of dovetailed into each other to create things…does anybody else remember those?

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – April 28, 2022: Miscellany

  1. Hmmmm. Not sure we grew up in the same house. Doozies?

    I do remember Gaylord and saw something today that reminded me of Head-A-Get-Bedda.

    Doozies?? Not so much, but thanks for asking. 😉

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