Thursday Things – April 22, 2021 Edition


We’re going on a trip, the first of 2021! We won’t be driving the motorhome. After a few years full-time on the road we chose to park it on a leased lot and last year bought a smaller travel trailer that we call “Junior”. Pete uses Junior as his “ham shack” (N8HIS), and that’s where we can accommodate guests who may want to visit as well. Plus, of course, we can hook it up to the Suburban and travel. This will be our first trip, not counting an aborted – through no fault of Junior’s – trip last year.

My sister Gwen, whose name you may have seen mentioned here from time to time, and her husband recently moved to Kentucky. What better place to go on a vacation, right? We’ll be going for a 2-week visit to the area and staying at Cummins Ferry RV Resort & Marina which looks like a great fun place! There are closer campgrounds, which we may use in the future, but this one will be like a lovely vacation since we’re not exactly “vacationing” full-time anymore. I was looking for amenities as well as location for our first trip.

So I just wanted to share my excitement, we’re really looking forward to traveling again and hope it’s the first trip of several for the year!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things – April 22, 2021 Edition

  1. I will pray for your trip to be without any problems, and just enjoyable!! Happy to get you guys visiting again~.

    1. I do like your videos, it’s always good to “visit” with you :). I struggle with long videos but event those I sometimes watch at least part of them…prayers appreciated, this will be the first long trip with the travel trailer so we’re going to take it easy :). Always love hearing from you❣️

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