Thirteen Thursday Thoughts – Feb. 3, 2022

  1. I hated practicing my Philipp finger exercises through my childhood. But my instructor, Lawrence LaGore (Michigan Conservatory of Music), told me that someday I would thank him. And that “someday” is nearly every day that I play my keyboard!
  2. If I was a recording artist, and made an album of praise and worship music to – and about – Jesus, would I get all made up and get my picture put on the cover…thereby putting the focus on ME?
  3. When I am in a spiritual or personal tailspin I recover by immersing myself in the Scriptures; so why is it so uncommon for me to do so anyway, and avoid the tailspins altogether?
  4. Almost any leftovers taste better wrapped in a tortilla.
  5. I always used one company for all of our supplements and some organic groceries but the last 3 orders took at least 2 weeks to arrive last fall; they blamed covid. Used a different company, orders always arrive in 2-3 days (as do my orders everywhere else!), no excuses, they just get the job done. I love iHerb! They have lots of specials too!
  6. Speaking of online orders, I don’t use “the big guys” or anyone based in China, but I’ve been able to find great prices and services with LOTS of other companies that I am happy to share if you ever want to know!
  7. Pete remembered something that happened when he was in the USAF tonight. I can’t imagine how traumatizing that had to be for those involved…and it was something that someone did purposely to get that effect. I was horrified. Very hard to understand the heart of someone who could even think of doing something like that.
  8. Similar to above, I was watching rescue videos online which is something I rarely do. I feel the same way about people who do awful things to animals…or children.
  9. Similar to above, I’m not a big fan of most children, even knowing it isn’t usually their fault. I just don’t have the patience. But a child, especially a baby, who is suffering, will just about bring me to my knees. Even though I can’t do anything about it, usually.
  10. I’ve been researching carnivore eating lately. I had had great success with pure keto 18 years ago with pain and inflammation issues, which weren’t NEARLY as severe back then. It doesn’t work anymore. So I’m thinking of a 30-day reset on carnivore, then adding one of my favorite vegetables, one at a time, to see if any of them are contributing to my pain which is becoming extreme. Just a thought at this point, but every change starts with a thought, right?
  11. Is time going by more quickly? I’m thinking about Matthew 24:22
  12. I have such great ideas for my site, and sometimes I even get things set up…then I forget what I was doing and can’t pick up where I left off! Ugh.
  13. AND I made it to 13! I could have done more thoughts, had I been able to get to my laptop before I forgot several of them. Am I going to try it again? Dunno.

4 thoughts on “Thirteen Thursday Thoughts – Feb. 3, 2022

  1. Great thoughts. Thanks for the recommendation for the herbal website! ??I was misdiagnosed many years ago by our hospital system and have been taking the wrong medications for many years. My true diagnosis was in their database if only they had taken time to look. I have been to the ER and to my PCP many times in these years. Yet, no one bothered to look- all of the doctors and Nurse Practicioners could have helped me if only they had taken time to read the CT. (I know I mentioned all this on here before. But, the week before Christmas, I found out that my true diagnosis was not on just one report- it was actually on TWO different CT scans! They never read two different scans.)
    To make a very long story short, I say this as a warning. If you think there is something wrong with you that the medical community is missing, you may need a new doctor or a fresh set of eyes on your labs and tests. God bless you.

    1. Oh boy, if we ever got together we’d sure have some notes to compare! Let’s just say that I have no trouble understanding your story or your frustration! Thanks for the warning, though; I always am on high alert when dealing with anyone in the medical profession, and your point is well taken. Thank you my friend!

    1. Last week I told myself that as I had a thought I’d write it down for this Thursday…and I did it as well as I do in making lists – and probably for the same reasons! ?

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