The View From My Sickbed ?

OK, that’s a little dramatic…do people actually use the word sickbed anymore???

Just an update. Not much change, just more of the same (that I’ve been writing about in my Latest News & Updates the last few days).This is my view. Pete was making us a delicious meal – steak and roasted cabbage and onions for me, I’m not sure what he’s having with his cabbage – while Chuy kept watch during Maisie’s nap time, her head on my legs.

We’re in the midst of a very cold spell right now. Obviously I can’t take the dogs out, nor Pete in this bitter wind (he coughs until he can barely breathe). It is a very good thing that our dogs are paper trained. We put chux down opposite the kitchen for them to use instead. On days like this we’re so glad that they readily go on the papers, which we pick up and replace as soon as they get used of course…

So it’s a laid-back windy, cold day and not much going on. Pete’s doing stuff around the house, and watching TV. I’m doing the same as I have been the last few days and trying not to feel sorry for myself. And hoping, once again, that tomorrow will be a better day.

I will keep updating my on Latest News & Updates.


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