The Great Keyboard Swap

As I’d mentioned previously I currently have 2 keyboards, and they both serve very different purposes. And, because we don’t have the space in our motorhome to leave both of them set up I have to switch between them every so often. Today was one of those days.

(I need to add a note here: I had an incredibly taxing and painful but fulfilling day today. On my chat board, where I post notes in real time, I already wrote about that. The GKS was the icing on the cake of my day!)

My Yamaha PSR-S950 is my fun keyboard. I play this one when I’m creating backings to record for later playback with my ukes, when I’m setting up arrangements for a later performance, or when I want to use any of the tens of thousands – literally – styles and other components that I use to create various “registrations” to use in the future. I can play it as a piano, but it doesn’t have enough keys to play correctly and I’m always having to make adjustments as I go.

When I’m ready to play some more serious music – lovely piano arrangements for example – I switch to my Yamaha SR-EW410. I absolutely LOVE the piano sounds that this keyboard has, and the 76 keys allow me to play most piano arrangements (that I read from music books) easily. So when I’m in the mood for some serious piano playing, this is the keyboard I use. This keyboard isn’t as fancy-pants, it has some styles and other components but not really enough – or enough available registrations – to make it worth my while to get creative.

I can do a little piano playing on the S950, and I can record a few basic creations on the EW410, either way it’s not comfortable or intuitive but can be done in a pinch.

So after playing one or the other keyboard for a month or 2, the GKS day always feels like Christmas. My memory has gotten just bad enough that I always have to relearn the “new” keyboard and am often surprised and delighted by the features I “discover”! All of that to say that today, in addition to everything I did as described on my chat board, was a very fun time in the end and I’m excited about getting back to my “new” EW410 tomorrow!

Music clipart courtesy of Clipartix.

2 thoughts on “The Great Keyboard Swap

  1. I am blessed with the music you play whether it be on one of the keyboards or the ukuleles or both. Even when asleep, as I wake up I find it wonderful to hear the music you are playing.

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