The Day’s Events – Aug. 1, 2022

Just as, sometime in late 2017 I realized I needed a dog to train to help me in my day-to-day life, some months ago I realized that I – we, actually – need someone(s) to help manage things with us. Casey and Bill, and the kids, have always been more than willing to help. But let’s be realistic here: raising 3 kids and managing a busy household is more than enough on their plates already! Plus, they now live even further from us than they did. And we are very content right where we are, though if one of us is alone at some time in the future I can see Pete or I moving to be close to them. Meanwhile, though, I started praying about (a) helper(s) quite a while ago. Following the clear path forward I simply made a card to hang at one of the nearby Amish stores, and waited. [Here’s where I omit all the boring details and fol-de-rol between that time and today.]

Today we met a couple I’ll call Edna and Jerry. They spent a couple of hours here. I couldn’t help comparing Jerry to Bill, given their interests and levels of experience and knowledge in similar areas, etc. At any rate, however, Edna will be helping with things in and around the house, cleaning but also other things that she can help with. Jerry has the perfect skill set to help Pete with things in Junior and around the property. We have high hopes that this will be a long and fruitful arrangement for us all. It sounds like they have good working relationships with their other clients also.

In other news…do you remember that I mentioned a problem with my scwalker last week? Pete checked things and tweaked a few things, and today we went to one of the Amish stores but before I even got in, the back tire popped off the rim! I AM CRUSHED!!! Without my scwalker I am stuck. I’ve been using it, heavily, for 3 years though, and I suppose the tires would give up at some point. So as soon as we got home I ordered 3 more tires and “we” (read: Pete) will replace them all. They include the rims and tubes as well. And are currently on sale – SURPRISE! – all 3 of them for $99, with free shipping! I was so happy! IDK when they will arrive – when I’ll get my “legs” back – but will be following the tracking as soon as I get the information for sure! Meanwhile, I can do short jaunts, like a once-around a small store, with my walker, but the problem is that my neck/shoulders are now in such rough shape that putting any weight on the hand grips is quite painful. So what’s the point? But it will have to do in a pinch for very short or small trips.

I can go REALLY FAST on this too!

As the day progressed I was able to get up and down the stairs, it’s the first day really my vertigo has been back down to its usual level. My “hockey stick” leg did try to drop me twice but that’s a good thing about living in a small space, there’s always something to grab nearby, so no more falls – YAY!

Maisie is still not quite herself but is doing better . The vet’s office called and gave some further advice in reply to a couple of questions I had. She’s eating and drinking and everything else, but just…I don’t know…sluggish. And maybe a bit depressed. But we’ll continue with the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic and probiotics and keep on going.

That’s that, I’ll see you tomorrow for Tuesday Titters!


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