Majestic Monday – October 9, 2023 Edition: Creation Sings!

I wasn’t sure what to post today…but these, collected over time on social media, take my breath away and I have wanted to share with you – enjoy! (Click on the first photo to open the lightbox so you can scroll through the rest.)

Beauty Break – June 30, 2022 Edition

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty needful of some beauty right now. Today’s theme highlights the glorious colors God pulled from His paintbox during creation! Click below to start the background music, specially chosen to enhance your enjoyment of this particular set of photos. Then click the middle photo to open the …
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Because it is so easy to lose sight of everything lovely around us, I will start sharing reminders in the form of photos or memes that will enable the reader to remember how much wonder abounds across the world. Beauty Break posts will contain images of creation, architecture, artistry, and anything else that has thrilled …
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