Surprise in Ann Arbor

Today we had a long (157 mile) drive to Ann Arbor that started at 6:44 a.m. But first, of course, the dogs got their breakfast, as they do every morning. I’m typically asleep during their routine but today I got a chance to see – and record – the way Pete handles breakfastime for Maisie and Chuy.

Then we left for the Veterans Administration clinic in Ann Arbor for Pete to get another treatment – an injection – for his trigger finger. We were there in plenty of time for his 10:00 appointment, but when they hadn’t called him back by 11:00 I had to leave to sit in the car where I could breathe – those masks are awful with asthma – or I would have been in the room with him for the procedure.

This was the first I heard that anything was different today. I wish I’d been able to be there, take some pictures or something…although he said the room was pretty crowded already. But apparently they decided to snip a ligament or tendon or something rather than just give him another shot. He wasn’t expecting that either. At any rate, his hand has been pretty sore since the numbness wore off, I guess that would be expected… I’m very sad tonight to see him hurting.

So while I was waiting in the car there was a pigeon hanging around the area, building a nest nearby. S/he grew curious about me – or the moon roof, at least – and at one point landed on the edge of it to peer down at me. I was talking to her softly, the way I talk to my own birds, and she sat and listened until I moved. Then she flew up to this pipe just above. I continued to talk to her, and she continued to listen, but it was a good thing I’m so good at reading avian body language because right after I took this picture she prepared to fly back down, and possibly into, the car. I got the glass thingy closed just as she started off the pipe. I liked the company, but wasn’t ready for a hands-on relationship.

Then we stopped for lunch in Fenton, we’ve eaten here before and it’s always a good meal. They have a HUGE menu, great prices, and larger portions. As the only meal we ate today, we were glad about that!

We got home later in the afternoon and just relaxed and watched some TV the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “Surprise in Ann Arbor

  1. I’ve had the carpal-tunnel surgeries in both hands. (Similar to Pete, but not exactly the same.) It’s rough for a few days, but well-worth it in the end. Best wishes go to Pete for his complete and speedy recovery.
    As usual your lunches looked so delicious.
    Bless you for talking to the crow. Animals and birds ‘know’…they just ‘know’.
    I so enjoyed your day’s summary. Thank you for sharing.
    Maisie brings things to Pete as well…such an intelligent animal. Since you brush her so much, I would assume she really enjoys that and feels so much better after the session.
    I send my love.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that the surgery was worth it! He bought that lovely ukulele for himself and is dying to play, but that trigger finger has made it impossible to form and hold chords! I know it has frustrated him a lot…his dad had that with one of his thumbs that eventually froze in one position, so Pete has been fearful of that happening to him too.

      I believe animals know also. In fact when 2 other birds came over to see what the fascination was, “my” bird chased them away! I think s/he decided s/he owned me LOL!

      Maisie brings things to Pete that too, AND she will carry things back and forth between us when asked to do so. There is no limit to what she’s capable of, I don’t think. In fact I will be posting more about her here later today, and another way that she surprised me by her ability to work out a problem this morning.

      Love to you also, dear Annette, you are so special to me – as you know – and I was SO hoping to check in one day to see something from you here. It’s important to me that you are part of my life.

  2. Wowee! So sorry, Pete! I wish you a speedy recovery. 🙁

    Ah, yes ~ Sherry the bird whisperer. That pigeon knew, didn’t he/she?! 🙂

    Thanks for another newsy post! <3

    1. You’re welcome! It’s a little different, as I’m figuring things out, and I was kind of excited to put both videos and photos/text all together. I kept thinking the whole time, “I hope Gwen is impressed!” 😘

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