Supernal Sunday – Sept. 6, 2021 Edition


While I do my best to not choose sin – and I believe that those who love God and have vowed to serve Him with their lives also do their best – it happens. I don’t make excuses that “I’m only human” or “even Paul sinned!” – I just humble myself at the foot of the cross and repent. Sin brings grief to the heart of a Christian. And there have been times that I have rather shared that grief with others than the holy name of Jesus. Getting – and keeping – my heart right and settled only on Him is the only way to fulfill His command to “Go, therefore, and make disciples…” by my words AND my deeds.

These few paragraphs where Rich shares his own experience
illustrate the point better than I can!

3 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – Sept. 6, 2021 Edition

  1. Love, LOVE your music. Your ‘message’ was thought provoking as well. Hope this finds you and Pete doing well. Status quo here.

    1. I haven’t been able to sit at my piano bench much for the last few weeks, I told Pete that we need to hook up a shelf to a pulley so that I can lower my keyboard from the ceiling over my lap when I’m sitting at my (only!) comfortable place so that I can play it sometimes LOL! Thank you Annette, I will keep posting as I can :).

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