Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021 – Day In The Life

Today we went to Casey and Bill’s again, they had a 2nd turkey that needed to be cooked this weekend so they invited us to come and partake with them. (Bill made Pete an amazing heap of walleye and fried mushrooms since he can’t eat poultry.) What a great time we had, as always. Besides us and Casey’s family her BFF Sarah was there. Sarah is darling and it’s always great to see her too! I took some photos which I’ll share below.

First, I have a couple of photos I took out my window of the river this morning. So pretty with the snow!

We had to stop at Soldan’s – a family owned small chain of pet stores in southern Michigan that I try to patronize whenever we’re in the area – on the way to Casey’s. Today I stocked up on parrot food and dog treats since we were nearby, and took a couple of photos and a little video of their Midland store.

And then we went to Casey’s. Following are just some misc. photos I took throughout the day.

[metagallery id=8547]

And just for fun here was our weather forecast for today. It was a nice mild – but cloudy – day until on the way home we drove into a snow squall and had to slow from 65mpg to 35mph within just a short distance! Thankfully that was just a mile or so before our exit and the last few miles were much easier driving.

We totally enjoyed our day! And I hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing our pictures!

One thought on “Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021 – Day In The Life

  1. My only regret was eating to big a breakfast that I couldn’t eat more of the mushrooms and Walleye. Bill (and Casey) are great cooks.

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