Saturday Social – Sept 17, 2022 Edition

The current list of my favorite social platforms and feeds, and why. With LOTS of links to further information, helps, etc.

It’s been so long since I did a Saturday Social post I don’t even remember where I left off, or what I was doing when I last wrote one! So I will just pick up from here and let you know what I’m doing now, and also…well, we’ll get to that…

First, I haven’t been using Savior Connect. Why? I don’t know. I still support the ministry (as a pro member) and love what they are doing. I just don’t participate. But that can change too… (Find me on Savior Connect)

Second, I am still very busy with the instance on Mastodon. It is a Christian instance, and I love to be part of it, and have been spending at least a couple of hours each day moderating for the owner – it is my way of serving a ministry I believe in. I also belong to and love the Free Atlantis instance, such kind and delightful and intelligent people there! Anyway, I consider Mastodon a definite contender for my favorite online gathering place, and I have a couple of information sources for anyone else who is interested in learning more about this unique and fun platform! (Find me on or Free Atlantis) is an informal, unofficial guide for non-technical people who want to use Mastodon and the wider Fediverse.
– Download the PDF Guide to Mastodon

Gab is still one of my favorite places to spend time online. Christian owned and dedicated to freedom of speech it is a breath of fresh air in SO many ways! However, it is not loved by all. As promised by Jesus himself when He said, “You will be hated for my name’s sake” owner Andrew Torba is the target of vitriol and hatred. And this is expressed elsewhere on social media openly. I have had multiple encounters with people who declare Gab to be a terrible place; I always ask what about it, specifically, they didn’t like, and always – yes, ALWAYS – they reply, “I haven’t actually used it, but I heard….” For those of us who actually use it regularly and have carved out our niche there however, it is a wonderful, edifying, uplifting, informative, entertaining, and fun place to be! I invite you to look at my gab feed at any time – you don’t even have to join to do so! (I have also written previously about My Gab Experience and though some things have changed – such as the home timeline and using my feeds to further refine my experience – it is basically still on target!) If you’re interested in trying Gab, you the Clever Journeys Beginner’s Easy How to Guide for Gab helpful. (Find me on Gab)

And I am still a contributing member of Mewe as well, though I don’t post there. I do go to read the posts from those I follow, to steal memes, and to get ideas for my site. But that may change. I will likely have to tame it down a bit first by thinning out my feed, but I have been missing some of the people I used to interact with there, and likely will start posting there again in the near future. (Find me on Mewe)

I use Matrix for chatting (via Element) and groups, mostly with friends I’ve made on the fediverse. (Find me on Matrix)

I am keen to start using Pinterest again also and find myself checking in there more and more! I think I can use it together with my website too, sharing stuff back and forth, have started checking into that and it’s kind of exciting! I haven’t add many pins there in AGES but that’s already starting to change! (Find me on Pinterest)

With the wonderful connections and activity on these sites I never even think about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other censor-happy platforms; enjoying the great qualities and experiences on my chosen sites has made my online social time much more satisfying and fulfilling. I hope that you too are finding free expression, friendships, and excellent content on your chosen sites – feel free to share them with me!


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