Power Outage!

As a result of the storms just after midnight we are without power. Except that we’re not. Because we have a couple of generators, and the smaller of the two (3500W) is powering both the motorhome in which we live, and Junior, the travel trailer (in which we travel, and Pete uses as his ham shack, and is our guest house) as well. Pete also has our power station recharging in the sun to keep it topped off.

We live within one of Michigan’s 36 Amish communities and were wondering if our neighbors even know that there is a power outage in our area? I suppose they do by now…Pete chats with them quite a bit and they always seem to have a handle on everything that’s going on.

The power company claims that we will have power restored by tomorrow evening. I am guessing that our very rural area, where most people don’t even use electricity, isn’t a priority for them, but as I said, we’re doing fine anyway.

More storms are expected later today so that would hinder restoration efforts as well, I would think?

I will add any updates to Chia’s Chat Box unless something major comes up that requires a post of its own, so check there if interested.

2 thoughts on “Power Outage!

  1. We are still in generator power. The restore time has now been changed to Monday morning at 6 15 am. We refill our water jugs at the local grocery store for drinking water. I have saved rain water and added a plastic tub by the bird feeders. So glad to see the turkeys come drink from it. We have a flowing well for getting non-drinking water for flushing the toilets in the home (our class a motorhome we live in) and Jr (the name we have given our travel trailer/ham shack). We also have a back up toilet (bucket with garbage bag, toilet seat and cedar shavings). We are still able to dump both toilets from the RV and Jr so doing good . When the generator is not running both home and Jr have propane tanks to take over automatically when the power is off. Keeps our refrigerators working and things inside good. We have a portable Wi-Fi unit that gives us our connection to the world via internet. We have a small battery pack unit that is rechargeable with solar panels or house current. our phones are kept charged on house power (via the generator) or through this power pack – which I have used once to run the Icom 746 radio from. I keep the Icom 51 A Plus 2 and the Baofeng handhelds charged. The mobile VHF radio is in the Cadillac but not hooked up yet for power. All this to say we are blessed by God to be better off than so many others without these. Also, we live just above the river, where we can catch fish to eat and if need be, drinking water as it is a fast flowing river. Thank you, Father God, Abba Father, for caring so much for us and always exceeding our needs. Thank you, Jesus for all you have done and continue to do through your Holy Spirit you have given to us.

    1. AMEN! Our needs – and even our wants – are being met by our Father! And you, my love, are keeping things running smoothly, getting gas for the generator, keeping the solar panel in the sun, and dealing with all the other things that are going on. You’re a keeper!

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