Photos of My Day – Nov. 18, 2022 – Winter’s Beauty

As we were out and about today I took some pictures of the scenery. Most of these are from the various back roads that we take to get to and from any main roads (yes, we are that secluded!) but I also have a few others. Click on the photo you see and that will open the gallery, which you can then click through. First is Maisie keeping me company on the davenport this morning while I had my coffee…evidently way too early for her! After the photos of the scenery in the area there’s one of Pete at The Nest where we go for the best fish dinner around on Fridays…a shot of my side table next to the davenport (can you see all 6 remotes?) just because it looked artistic or something…and a shot of Maisie watching the deer in the yard as dusk was approaching.

(See also my Day In The Life Vlog!)

4 thoughts on “Photos of My Day – Nov. 18, 2022 – Winter’s Beauty

    1. Oh my friend that makes me so sad! I know that your guys love your heat down there 🙂 but I personally can’t imagine a life without snow. (Although if I had lovely goats that would definitely help hahaha!)

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