Photos From My Day – Oct. 2, 2022: River Pics, etc.

Today I drove the riding mower down the hill to the river so that I could shoot some video for my vlog. (The vlog will be posted tomorrow.) While down there I shot some photos of the part of our lot you rarely see here since I rarely get down there anymore. But as long as I was sharing those photos here, I thought I might as well add the other few pictures I took/screenshotted today. Obviously the vlog will have a lot more river, a lot more Maisie, a lot more everything…but these will tide you over until the video gets posted!

4 thoughts on “Photos From My Day – Oct. 2, 2022: River Pics, etc.

  1. So very beautiful! In a week or so, everything will be bright reds, oranges, yellows, & greens. THAT will be spectacular!!! (Isn’t our God the best ‘artist’ though?) Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I always enjoy seeing (and sometimes ‘hearing’) what you post! I send my love!

    1. I’m excited to take my annual autumn photos, Pete says, “Does that mean you’ll let me drive again?” hahaha!!! Love to you too!

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