Photos From My Day – Feb. 3, 2023

We started the day with my doctor’s appointment. Here is a photo of my chariot, faithfully waiting for me to finish so I can ride it back out to the car…

(This is a step past a walker but not as restrictive – or low – as a wheelchair. I’ve used it for 4 years and when I jump aboard it feels like I’ve just put an essential body part back on! I love how mobile I am on my “scwalker”!)

After my appointment we stopped in St. Louis, MI – geographical home of The Middle of the Mitten, there’s even a sign! – for lunch. My mom had lived in a nursing home there for the last couple of years of her life. When we were still full-time on the road we stayed in a campground in the same town for an entire season so as to be near to her, and I could visit her every day after work; otherwise we stayed within an hour or 2 so that we could still go a couple of times every week, even though she didn’t really even know us. So we have fond memories of the town, and of this diner.

I love every chai tea I’ve ever tasted! And they had this lovely little packet all the way at the back of the selection! I also loved this charming cup…so very pretty!

I got a BLT wrap and tots, because I didn’t have a chance to celebrate National Tater Tot Day the day before!

After lunch we drove to Midland, MI and our first stop was at Soldan’s Pet Supply…I really love that place! I got this brand of perches for the poi boiz, but not this style. And also a “petrified” and stuffed beef bone for Maisie (which I show in vlog #2140).

After Soldan’s we went to 2 BIG thrift stores and a Habitat reStore, then to Costco. I just took a picture of the “Healthy Noodle” they had there, it has more ingredients than shiritake noodles but from the photo on the box, it looks very similar. But for 6 servings it was – if I remember correctly – over $15! No thank you. Still, interesting…

It was a long and busy day, and nearly dark by the time we got home. We had LOTS of stuff to put away, and I wanted to make haul videos of our purchases. I think we were somewhat dismayed to also get 7 boxed delivered to us from various online orders I had placed earlier in the week! So I included those in the video as well…though still, the next day, I haven’t been able to put everything away, there’s still a box waiting for to deal with tomorrow!

So there was our day, of course there is a lot more detail in the videos but I had a few photos so I wanted to post them for anyone who may be interested!

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