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First, I said that I’d update you after seeing my doctor yesterday about my test results from the scans I had on Wednesday. They yielded no answers. I will have more tests on Monday which I have to go to a hospital for, it’s “just” blood but requires special equipment to process. And then, she promised me, no more poking or prodding or scans for a while!

I know that I have briefly mentioned some of the things that have been going on; I don’t want to discuss my personal health information on a public forum in too much detail. These last few months, however, routine blood work and certain symptoms have shown anomalies that, when taken together, can indicate significant problems so she is trying to (a) rule those out, and/or (b) identify what is causing them. At the root of it is, of course, relief, treatment, quality of life, mobility, pain control, etc – whatever is indicated in the end. So while it feels to me like I have to give up some of my blood way too often, my doctor has assured me that if the test results on Monday don’t give her answers then she won’t order any more, and I won’t need to see her again until May!

I had started a new med a few weeks ago, I believe I’d mentioned discontinuing one of my long-term meds so it wouldn’t cause problems with the new one (lookup seratonin syndrome); the 3 weeks during which I was weaning myself off were pretty tough but it was worth it to start the new med. Within a few days both Pete and I were noticing small improvements mentally and physically, and after about 10 days I was no longer afraid to be hopeful about the results as I was experiencing reduced pain and mobility like I haven’t experienced in many months (or longer)! Also mentally I was improving, I was beginning to feel like a real, capable human again and we were both starting to get excited! Then the torture of Wednesday set me back to square one, and I’m still trying to regain some of that ground…still physically and mentally exhausted from Wednesday…but anyway…

Dr. C said that at least we know that my body is receptive to that medication, and if I don’t regain the pain control and physical/mental improvement she can raise the dose somewhat, she started me on the lower end of the dosage scale. So that’s a good thing, very exciting, especially since it’s already shown promise that I may not always have to live my life curled up in a pile of pillows! ?

Monday I start my vestibular rehab, even though I’ve lived with this low-level vertigo for 14 years Dr. C thinks it is worth a try; it does pose a fall risk but other than that I barely notice it anymore. But it’s yet another way that my doctor – incredibly compassionate, empathetic, and helpful in every possible way – is helping to improve my quality of life! PLUS she ordered a TENS unit for me, also to help with pain control! So whereas a few weeks ago my future felt bleak and painful and not worth getting out of bed for, now I am hopeful that I can actually do stuff like I used to again!

In other news, we’ve had a ton of rain these last few days, plus nearly all of the snow has melted. So we are surrounded by mud, since the ground isn’t fully thawed yet, and the river is running fast and high! Our roads are mud several inches deep, making driving – specifically, steering, starting, stopping, and maintaining control – difficult. We are only leaving here when we absolutely have to, since getting out to the main roads doesn’t feel very safe, and we probably not good for the car either! I always said, “I’ll never live on a dirt road again!” and yet, here I am.

The temperatures are rising, with highs for the foreseeable future to be in the 40’s and above, with lows staying in the 20’s or higher. I’ve been thinking about how I want to create our outside living space for this season and am excited to get it started, especially if I can actually do some of the work!

So I guess that’s about it, now I’ll add some photos from this week for your viewing pleasure :). Most future updates will continue in my News & Updates box, as usual. Have a great weekend!

These first pictures were taken at the hospital on Wednesday, when we first got there. There’s me on my scwalker (aka, my out-and-about legs), Pete in the waiting room, my impatient face, and the cool lights on the ceiling.


A few photos of our babies, including one of Maisie’s face after I’d been playing with her lips while she slept; in another one I couldn’t sleep so she kept me company on the bed while I watched some middle-of-the-night TV.


This is some of our wildlife, I took these pictures through my bedroom window.


This last group are photos that Pete took of our “back yard” and the river after the snow all melted AND we got several days of rain. The river is high, and running fast! It is usually about 30′ across but right now it’s at least 40. The first picture shows where the beavers have been busy.


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