My First Week Without Facebook

It’s been a week already? Golly. I don’t miss it. I do, however, miss my friends and family. Facebook made it easy to stay in touch. At any rate, I have my self-allotted social media time filled nicely in spite of it. I do spend a lot of time here, on this blog site, and a lot of time on Mastodon. I also check in most days – not today yet – at (I go straight to the groups timeline and catch up on the people and posts in my chosen groups, and pretty much spend 90% of my Gab time there) and at USA.Life where I mostly read the timeline and comment on a few posts, react – they have 8 emoticons! – to most of them, and sometimes post if I have anything valuable to say. I rarely check the groups, except the one dog group I like best. Then, once I check the blogs and vlogs I follow and answer my emails, I’m done. And never even think about Facebook.

I did download all of my files on Sept. 30, and still need to go through those, no point in keeping them all…but it will all get done sooner or later.

So, though I think of my family and friends often, Facebook rarely even enters my mind.

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “My First Week Without Facebook

  1. I miss you on Facebook, but am glad you’re doing well without it. Hopefully it is helping you mentally, as well.

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