Monday Music – Tyros5 Single Song Demo: The Unseen Hand

This video shows the basics of setting up a song from the first sight-read, to a simple arrangement, saved as a registration…at least, how *I* do it. There is more that can be done, and certainly other ways to accomplish sounds and effects; when I want to set up a registration for a song fairly quickly, however, this is what I do.

This is to share with my friends, not a performance. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!

“If you seek perfection, look elsewhere.” ~ Chiafucius

2 thoughts on “Monday Music – Tyros5 Single Song Demo: The Unseen Hand

  1. I certainly had no idea what preparation goes into one of your actual performances. It’s amazing, and I think it would require considerably more patience than I have. Thanks for the ‘lesson’, and the final performance was simply delightful (as usual).

    1. I have a lot of fun doing these, and create a new registration (what I was doing here) every day that I play. Before I got this keyboard I had hundreds that I could use on my PSR-S950 but have been unable to convert them for use with this one…so I’m starting from scratch and have a few dozen created now. It’s great fun! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the final result – and I’m always happy for your love and support!

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