Monday Messages – April 25, 2022 Edition

I’ve had a few things in mind that I’ve wanted to mention that are either too long for the updates or too short for a post of their own. 3 things come to mind at the moment (there will be only 2 once I start, since I will certainly forget at least one of them!) so here we go!

First, the motorhome. When we bought this one (our 2nd) we got it used. And it had issues. The seller disclosed a couple of small ones, leading trusting people like us to believe he was honest…fast forward to now and we have a motorhome that needs to be replaced. I could go into long explanations about how we got to this point but I will spare you the details. Anyway this is the year that we are saving for a replacement in the fall, when prices typically drop. And we’re not planning on getting another motorhome, either. Since we don’t use the RV to travel anymore and we are planning to stay indefinitely on this beautiful leased lot, we plan to get a larger, 4-season towable. Not sure that we’ll go as big as a destination trailer, but we’re looking at our options. So that is on the horizon.

Second, traveling: We have Junior in which to travel, should we so choose to take any extended trips, which is great! It works really well for us. As it’s been sitting here since our church camping trip last October, however, it’s become tethered like a grounded dirigible with radio antennae! Plus it is a HUGE exhausting job to prepare/pack/unpack for trips. In addition, we have found ourselves wanting to take more shorter trips within a few hours of home just for a few days or a week. So we are also looking into buying – at some point – a small shuttle bus. Then Junior can stay home with its antennas poking out and fulfill its duties as a ham shack and a guest house until we want to take a longer trip.

2a – To get a small shuttle bus we will very likely sell the Escalade. Since most of the places we go are an hour or more away, and we eat out every time, and waste time looking for bathrooms, and could take the dogs with us if we had a more suitable means of transport…well, that’s the plan anyway, although when or how remains to be seen. We do NOT want to convert it to a little camper. We DO want to put a couple of comfortable seats – recliners since we both have circulation issues in our legs – a cooler/cabinet/water/basic food prep situation, our homemade composting toilet, and couple of smaller travel cages for the birds. Leave a few seats in for the kids to ride in. Very basic. But adequate for day trips or short travel opportunities.

(Speaking of such: we don’t have running water, and haven’t had since day 1, in our motorhome. We have adapted and it is not really much of an issue. I can do a post about how we manage that if there is any interest.)

AND third – YES, I remembered!! The dogs! I’ve mentioned once or twice that in the winter, especially, our dogs use potty pads in the motorhome. Neither Pete nor I can risk going out with them in inclement weather (mud, ice, and other slippery conditions), plus they’re great for overnight use or when we aren’t home for more than a few hours. But when we have the new (well, it will be used, but new to us…) RV I really need to consider a spot for those. (Right now we have a big sheet of hard plastic on their area of the floor under the pads.) Or can we figure out a way to get them outside to potty without having to risk falls…? And in the limited area of a small shuttle, will we have space for those? It may not be an interesting subject, but it is really on my mind as I think through all of this…

So that’s it. Mostly stuff we’re still trying to figure out, work through, and plan for.


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