Monday Memories – Vlog #2059

These memories are only 2 days old as of today but they will be with me for a long time, so I figure they work for the topic!

3 thoughts on “Monday Memories – Vlog #2059

  1. I’ve been thinking about you, so decided to check-in here. What a great idea to have Casey/family there by you while Pete is gone. I enjoyed all the ‘fishing’, and I’m glad some were caught. Lyra was so excited to have actually caught fish for her efforts. Leelan is getting taller by the minute! Luna is a handful. Toddlers have no sense of fear. She would like to have jumped right in the water, and just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to. The meal looked great. I feel better now, knowing I’ve had my ‘Sherry-fix’. Thanks for this great video. Love sent…

    1. I’ve been thinking about you too, I’m sure I’m way behind on emails – not that I usually have a whole lot of interest to write about anyway!
      YES this was a great weekend with Casey/Bill/kids!!! I didn’t realize that Lyra was such a little fisherman but she’s REALLY into fishing with Bill! Leelan’s deep voice and hairy legs and height are killing me, what happened to that sweet little boy? Well, he’s still sweet! And he still has time for Ugma, he came in and sat with me for a while on Sunday, just to talk…which melted my heart. And that little Luna, typical two-year-old! She’s curious about everything and wants to get into whatever she can reach! The older kids are a big help with her, they are good at keeping an eye on her. The dogs loved having them here too, Leelan took over with Chuy for walking and was a big help. Maisie just always wanted to be part of things, and she was :).
      I’m so happy that you came by, especially to see last weekend’s video because I know you love seeing what’s going on in Casey’s family too. Boy do I miss you, Annette! I gotta be better about email! Love you too!

  2. That was a great video. So glad everyone had a great time and also to know there are fish in the river. I finally got bait so will be going out fishing while it is cool in the morning and not so humid I can’t breather. I never did get any fishing done in the U.P. and didn’t even get a single Pasty. I missed you but know you were going to be in great hands with Casey, Bill, Leelan and the girls. Thanks for the video.

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