Monday Medley – Jan. 10, 2022 Edition

Just sharing a few pictures from the last 24 hours of my life…and by “last” I mean “most recent”…not “final”…

So last night I was petting Maisie’s chest as she was sitting next to me on the bed, and as she looked around out different windows or whatever she looked so interesting that I had to grab my phone and take a series of photos. I put them into a slideshow which I have never used before, IF it looks on here like the preview looks I will be happy, the photos should switch every 1 second, and it should repeat. So here is that, let’s just see how it goes….

And then today…

At 8:30 this morning I woke up to see this face staring down at me.

Her daddy had to do some stuff today so he dropped off Luna to spend some time with Ugma (me) and Umpa (Pete)!

Maisie wasn’t a bit pleased that I wouldn’t let her take Luna’s stuffed animals to play with!

I have a sort of large scarf/small shawl that I put over my head while I sleep on cold nights, since my head is right up against a single pane window that is usually covered with ice – on the inside – through most of the winter. Luna found it and wrapped herself up in it, then posed with a pretty smile for the camera.

The river behind/below us at the back of our lot is starting to freeze from the edges inward. The strip of running water is reduced to 10-15′ in width – it varies. But it sure is beautiful! Luna and I reminisced about the times she spent in the river with her daddy and siblings last summer, and we decided it’s too cold to do that now!

After enacting many scenes with stuffed animals on the bed and multiple snacks while watching Quigley’s Village (she LOVED that show!) on RedeemTV Luna fell asleep next to me. (Her mommy loved that show too, 25+ years ago!)

After her nap she created some beautiful artwork with Lyra’s set of markers that we keep here for her. (Lyra also has an art book that she adds to on every visit; I gave Luna cardboard to use instead because I know Lyra wouldn’t like someone else using her art book!)

I took a few little video clips throughout the day too, just short ones, less than 2 minutes in total. The first one is Luna trying out my Otamatone (a much-loved Christmas gift I just received, I’d been wanting one for YEARS unbeknownst to the dear friend who gave it to me!), Kirby. Then she was discovering a Kaleidoscope we’d put in her toy barrel. Next she showed off her dancing skills but she wasn’t too good at staying “frozen” hahaha! And in the last clip she is singing along with Quigley’s Village.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had fun putting it together and reliving the last 24 hours – as in “most recent” 24 hours – of my life!

4 thoughts on “Monday Medley – Jan. 10, 2022 Edition

  1. Wish I could have been here to watch you two interact and the occasional time she spent with me. She was helpful. Woke me from my nap so I could go to the Doctor. The dogs behave pretty good with her.

    1. Yes, the dogs were great, I had to tell them a couple of times to “get back” but then Luna took over, and they actually listened to her! I was glad to see that! You’ll have opportunities to spend time with her too, according to what Casey told me on the phone today!

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