Monday Mania

Today Pete had an appointment with his oncologist’s PA, Amy. We grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell on the way. Then, since I couldn’t go in with him anyway, I dropped him off and then went to Aldi to pick up a few things while we were in town. He had the list on his phone but it was only a few things, right? I could remember a few things…

Below is a 3-way conversation between Pete at the doctor’s office, me, and Casey (daughter). When I send a note to either of them I tend to just add on to whichever conversation is nearest the top, so usually it goes to them both even though it’s intended for one or the other…anyway, I texted Pete from Aldi, then just picked up what I thought I could remember and went back to the doctor’s office to wait for him…

We’re still chuckling about it!


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