Monday in Mount Pleasant – Sept. 26, 2022 Edition

Mondays (and Thursdays) are my “free days” here, I don’t tie myself down to one type of post, leaving them open for whatever strikes me on that day. So today I was going to do a Monday in Mount Pleasant, out and about type of post, and I got some photos which I will also share.

After cardiac rehab (you can see my 16:11 update from this afternoon about that) we decided to go to Mt. Pleasant. It’s a college town less than an hour from us; I guess we were just up for doing something besides just going home on this chilly, gray, drizzly day. But first, while we were in Clare for my rehab anyway, we stopped in to the little health food store there. They had a lot of the things that we use and their prices weren’t too high, so I’m glad we stopped in. We’d always rather buy locally when we can!

I was looking for a particular product, which they didn’t have (which is impossible to find ANYWHERE, including the mfr sites!) so we decided to go down to Mt. P. to look at the health food store down there. When I had my business I used to get some of my supplies there, and so went about once a month. We always liked visiting in the past but it’s been a few years…we were surprised that it had not only moved, but had become a large, bright, modern store downtown! We looked around in there (we didn’t need anything except that one item, which they didn’t have either!) and then just took a little drive around the downtown area. These are the photos I took there, I love that some of the trees were showing some color too – enjoy!

Also while we were in Mt. Pleasant we ate at the Ponderosa (which I talk about/shar pic on the What I Eat page), and stopped in at the Salvation Army thrift store, where we didn’t buy much but did enjoy looking around!

Got home, had a #davenap, then woke up to a cup of tea made for me by my beloved. And now, here I am :).

Thanks for reading!


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