Monday Excitement – Jan. 31, 2022

I just can’t wait to tell you about my day! Although, it actually started this weekend. No, wait…it started a few months ago. Anyway, bear with me while I try to figure this out…

As time has gone on I’ve been less and less able to spend time on my piano bench. Actually there have been multiple issues that have kept me from doing things that I’ve always enjoyed. But playing my keyboards has been right about at the top of that list.

So I haven’t been able to play my keyboard for months, except very occasionally, due to pain and just the mechanics of sitting on a piano bench and holding my arms up to the right level, etc. So as I thought about it I tried sitting with my arms at various levels to find one that might be comfortable for a longer period of time. The most immobilizing pain when it comes to playing the keyboard is up in my deteriorating thoracic spine and it has moved north the last couple of years, plus my hip joints when I sit on hard surfaces or don’t move enough. So once I found a position for my arms I had to find a height for my body in relation to the keyboard. Then a more comfortable surface for my hips. I’ve been trying to work this out for a few months and once I got it all figured out I had to figure out how to make it happen. Once I did that I placed an order for a 2″ full-size piece of mattress foam (of the high density variety). The this weekend Leelan came and helped me get it all set up – plus move stuff, clean, and reorganize the living room. It was late when we took him back home yesterday, but this morning I got up to try the new arrangement and guess what??? I played my keyboard for a total of SIX HOURS today, including one 4-hour stretch…it is freakin’ AMAZING!!!!!!!! The foam is folded in 3, with 2 layers on the seat of the davenport and the 3rd layer up the back which, along with strategic pillow placement, brings me closer to the keyboard while offering support and taking the stress from my spine/neck/shoulders. This puts my body and my arms at the perfect height, and with another pillow at my back gives me plenty of support while I play, with all of the cushioning I need to sit on. I can’t even describe how exciting this has been for me today, and how fantastic it feels to just play and play and play without (much) pain or physical exhaustion! It’s just such a wonderful thing, and I don’t think Leelan even knows how important his contribution has been!

(The main reason playing my keyboard is so important to me is that is very special time with the Lord. He gave me this wonderful gift, I believe, as a connection to Him; I use it to worship Him, sing praises, cry out to Him from my heart, and be close to Him. In fact, often when I’m playing, in my mind’s eye I can see myself resting in the palm of His hand while I play. I rarely – maybe once a year – play any music that isn’t for, or about, my Jesus!)

The other result of all of “our” – mostly Leelan’s – hard work on Sunday was my NEW corner. As I’ve written before, the only real place in the motorhome for me to sit in a semi-comfortable position has been at the top corner of the bed, surrounded by a wardrobe to my right and a wall at my back, with myriad pillows packed around me for support. So that is where I spend most of my waking hours, as I’m unable to walk or get around for more than very short periods of time. Though I have great windows with wonderful views back there, and enough solitude so that I can manage my thoughts without chaos (from sensory input, from a stroke in 2008), the mattress isn’t made to be sat upon that way for hours, day after day after day, and I’m not part of life back there, especially with my birds out in the living room. I can’t have them out with me in the bedroom either (dogs/bed/territorial issues). So I’ve really been thinking about how I can spend more time in the living room without the pain issues that happen from sitting on the davenport.

NOW, however, with the wonderful foam padding under the cover, and the addition of some of my pillows from the bedroom, I have a 2nd corner that is just as comfortable as the one in the bedroom! Moreso, even, maybe! I have my birds right next to me, or on me when they’re out of their cages with me…sitting sideways my legs can be elevated…pillows to my left and back…windows to the left, right, and front…keyboard to my right so all I have to do when I want to play is swing my legs around and rearrange my pillows! I can spend time with my birds and my Petey, still watch the wildlife, and feel like I’m part of the world again!

So this has been a VERY exciting time, between being able to play my keyboard again, and having TWO cozy corners where I can spend my “down time”…it’s almost more joy than I can stand! And I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Thanks for listening! ?

4 thoughts on “Monday Excitement – Jan. 31, 2022

  1. So wonderful to take the time to come and spend some time here, I miss your videos so much, they gave me a lot of happiness when going though dark times, I promise to come back more of term to catch up with you my dear friend.

    1. JON!! I am so happy to see you! ? I think of you (and Lydia and little Mikey who probably isn’t so little anymore and even Alfie) How are you doing? A while back (read: probably sometime in 2020) I ventured into YouTube to see if you had any videos up but didn’t see new ones, Thank you for visiting, I hope you subscribed so I can see you more often! Are you posting anywhere, blogs or videos or anything? Love to you and yours my friend, what a joy to see you!

      1. Sorry it has taken a while to reply as I had an awful sickness bug last week, I am back vlogging 3 days a week here
        Lydia and Mikey aren’t back in yet, seeing how it goes for a bit, I have subscribed and will be checking in a lot more often now, so happy you have seen my message, it is lovely to re connect with you, take care ?

        1. I’m sorry you’ve been sick, it seems that the bugs every year are a little worse than the year before! I will check on your channel, it will be good to see you again! I don’t use YouTube like I used to but there are a few people I check on, will add you to my list. And I agree, so happy to reconnect with you too!

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