May 5, 2021 Vlog #2044 KY Trip Post #8


This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

I explained or talked about most of the photos below in the vlog above…the first gallery is pictures of my 2 birthday meals, at Huddle House and BJs Steakhouse, respectively; the 2nd are various pictures around Frankfort. The last set are a few others, but I will explain a little about them below.

We stopped at a music store called the Doo Wop Shop, and they had a nice selection of ukuleles. One of them really caught my eye…not sure if I will actually buy one or not. But it is COOL! In another photo is the helicopter we saw hovering low over the road ahead as we rounded a curve but it had moved off to the side by the time I was able to snap a picture of it. Then there is a photo of somebody’s parking job in a parking lot, and a sign that struck us funny – how else would animals get around? They can’t drive!

2 thoughts on “May 5, 2021 Vlog #2044 KY Trip Post #8

  1. Some of those photos came out better than I thought they would. That black and white Fender Ukulele was amazing. I would have gotten it for you for your birthday had you had the desire to have it. I think the other one you found – electric uke (and we already have and amplifier for it) and pretty much the same design. We did have a great day together.

    1. I can’t stop thinking about the one I saw on #Zzsounds – maybe once we get home…and I get to a place where I can declutter our motorhome to make space for it…I have lots of things I can get rid of. Like my clothes. ???

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