Mastodon Heartbreak

Here is a sad, sad tale…

When I joined Mastodon I linked my account with the instance called I followed a few people and had some lovely discussions and really enjoyed the posts there. Of course I was also reading posts from other instances, and interacting with other people, but I was known as – that was my account name.

Well, yesterday morning something happened that crushed me: I couldn’t log into my account! Further (frantic, I might add) checking showed that had disappeared! MY instance was gone! And with it my friends list, without which I can’t connect with MY peeps! (Well, I could, if I could remember the names on it…it’s not like they’re known as Laurie or Roger.) I tried to figure out how to temporarily disconnect myself from, going back to just plain @ChiaChatter, but wasn’t able to. I really had no idea what I was doing…

…so I created a clone, @ChiaChatters, and just started posting without hooking up to an instance. It soon appeared that Mastadon took it upon itself to hook me up with however…so I quickly tried to find an instance with which I could relate, one of my own choosing, and ended up in where I – apparently – needed to start yet another profile? Thankfully I tried @ChiaChatters and it allowed me to use it. So now my clone has a twin!

(The 3rd ChiaChatters is now actually on its profile page.)

Well, had I known that I could clone myself into multiple instances so easily, I’d still be ChiaChatter! Meanwhile, though I’m enjoying hanging out with the clone twins, killing time until – if – comes back to, well, life.

I just hope I don’t break the Fediverse first.

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