Life On A Lease

We decided last fall to take a break from constant travel and park on a semi-permanent space. So in December we leased a couple of beautiful lots. After spending the winter on one of them we planned to move to the other lot – this lot – in the spring, which we did, but soon after arriving we knew this was where we wanted to stay.

I mentioned the water bottles in the video above. There is a well here with good water but it is, well, well water. And it is a rusty color. So we get our clear drinking and cooking water elsewhere by the gallon, and bring in gallons of well water for cleaning and flushing. This works out just fine for us!

Pete takes a lot of photos of the wildlife that visits us, I will share some of them in a different post, but here are some of his photos – reposted – of the area down by the river since it didn’t show up very well in the video.

In the second video you got a glimpse of Junior. That’s our “other” RV. Junior serves as Pete’s ham shack and houses his amateur radio equipment as well as giving him a place to talk to other operators around the world without birds squawking and dogs barking in the background. In addition, when we want to take a trip, we don’t have to pull up stakes and move the motorhome. (Getting ready to move takes HOURS!) Lastly, we have an on-site guest house for any friends or family who may want to visit or take a break from city life.

Part of the joy we find here is in our new friend, who owns the property. I’ll call him Lee…and he is a very attentive, friendly, helpful Christian landlord. The Lord has blessed us greatly in this time of our lives, where we can have peace, and communion with Him among the nature that He created!

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