Let Me Tell You About My Day! July 6, 2022: A Day In The Life

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that the days where I can actually do much of anything are fewer and farther between than they’ve ever been! So today when I got up I had NEED – no other way to describe it – to do stuff. I had really wanted to clean up and reorganize the birds’ area, which consists of the dinette, folded down into a bed, and covered with a sheet, and the floor below for storage.

Well as time has gone on, more and more stuff has encroached upon the “bird room” that doesn’t belong there. An ongoing issue with us seems to be, “Why should I put [whatever] where it goes, when I can see an open spot right there to put it?” Well, I’ve been declaring war on this mindset, so much so that no matter how immobile I am the second I can do so I’ve been dragging myself to put something in its rightful place, if I have to! Pete is even getting on the bandwagon!

So far with Leelan’s help we’ve done the front driving/seating area of the motorhome, removing anything that wasn’t supposed to be stored under the dashboard, giving the whole area a thorough cleaning, and organizing what was left. I couldn’t have done it without Leelan, it’s tight quarters up there and my body don’t bend that way no more!

And a few days ago I did the kitchen: washing dishes, sinks, countertops, stove, convection oven…all the things that I USED to do every day, and that most people do. Wiping things down happens a lot less often than I want to admit these days…

I’ve been trying to keep up with the shelf behind the davenport where I sit, it is easy to do without much mobility needed, since I’m here anyway…

But the “bird room” – it needed a BIG cleaning! One of the times where I take the cages apart and clean each piece, first of all. I’d like to do that once a month but rarely can. This time after doing a thorough cage cleaning I set them aside in the living room, then removed everything that had accumulated around them. Pete took the fitted sheet off the “mattress” they were sitting on, and also removed everything underneath. And he shook that sheet outside of all the dander, feathers, and seed hulls to within an inch of its life! And he vacuumed everywhere, removing the pillows, getting into the storage areas under the “seats”, EVERYWHERE! Meanwhile I wiped down and reorganized all of their paraphernalia, and found new homes for everything that didn’t belong, that wasn’t bird-related. After Pete got the sheet back on and I got the cages put back, I was able to neatly set their stuff – and only their stuff – along the sides and out of the way. The floor underneath now has only dog stuff.

We also have a spot next to the birds, across from the stove, where I have a cabinet, and next to that is my piano bench. We use the tops of both for things that would normally be on our kitchen counter, if we had one – plus there was lots of flotsam and jetsam that had landed there as well. So they both got the Sherry treatment too, and the freeloaders got new homes!

After all of this I sat down on the davenport to get my feet up and have a beverage, and played a game on my phone. My scores are typically in the 500k range, and I don’t usually get past level 16…so imagine my surprise, when…! (Photo below)

So that’s my day. I can barely move, my body is on fire, BUT it sure is pleasant to look over at my poi boiz and see a tidy and clean environment for them to live, as well as a nice area in front of their cages for them to play and hang out. I have a few photos of the work in progress.

And Casey sent me a HYSTERICAL snapshot from her FB page about little Luna that I want to share, and I’ve also wanted to share a fantastic photo of beautiful Lyra with one of her chickens. (She loves taking care of the chickens!) So enjoy the pictures, and I’ll see you next time!


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