Lazy Tuesday

Yesterday Pete made an all-day fire to enjoy outside. It was a beautiful day in the upper 70’s so we spent most of the day out under the canopy. Here are some photos from our day!

Actually this is from Monday, but it’s pretty much the same every day…in total we had the 17 turkeys – regular visitors – and 7 deer including the mom and 2 babies that have been here since spring. On his way to the bird feeder Pete tosses some feed around under the cedar tree and in the driveway, and they clean that up first.

Pete and Chuy enjoying the fruits of his labors.

I’ve been working on “under” with Maisie. So far she’s good about going – and staying – under the table. We’ll start working on going under chairs next week.

I had my laptop outside with me too, since I planned to be out there all day.

Supper was delicious! I seasoned/roasted cabbage and onions which we both can eat. With mine, I sliced and fried up some leftover brats. With Pete’s, I sliced up and fried some mushrooms (oyster and shiratake) with garlic until they were brown, then added some of his plant-based “butter” and nooch for a light sauce. He loved it.

Though it’s hard to tell in the photo, this cedar tree is MASSIVE! It is a couple of feed wider than our Suburban!

My solar bird. It’s a pelican-type bird and his body lights up at night, with lots of sparkles in the glass ball that makes up his body. I used to have it down by the driveway but Leelan brought him up to the house for me, I wanted to be able to see and enjoy him more in the evenings.

The turkeys and the deer did end up coming back, even while we were outside and so were the dogs. We kept them as still and quiet as we could so the wild critters didn’t spook, but Chuy couldn’t take it any more and ended up barking which chased them away. Still, it was nice that they trusted us enough to come back for a while! Pete talks to them – even though they’re not visible – every time he fills the feeders. A couple of days ago a chickadee landed on his fingertips and ate out of his hands, too – what a thrill!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Tuesday

  1. Good Post! I’ve been eating mainly vegan, and that sounded delicious for Pete…yours too, but trying not to have meat products. Gotta get me some cabbage now. Cute of Maisie peeking under the lap top.

    1. I love cabbage so much! Pete started out vegan…but has become more pescatarian, but without eggs (which are one of the biggest things – with poultry – that he has to avoid), and he limits dairy. Do you do much in the way of substitutions for meat, like using seitan or whatever? Or do you just not miss it? I do love fresh produce in the summer that we buy from the locals and we eat a lot of it :).

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