Labor Day With The Family

We had a great time together! Bill made his famous pasta salad to go with the chicken legs and brats that Pete grilled, some breadsticks from the pizza place, and some beans with bacon, sauteed onion, and some REAL maple syrup!

(I am trying out a slideshow plugin, you just click on the arrows to move through it…I didn’t set it up to move to the next slide automatically because those are either too fast or to slow in my opinion…anyway, let me know what you think, how it compares to the pictures with the text next to them!)

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4 thoughts on “Labor Day With The Family

  1. I am healed enough now i realize you were gone from Facebook. I had full upper and lower extractions and immediate dentures as of 9/2. Let me go back a bit. I believe it was august 5th my husband had a bad car accident and i got wrongfully terminated from my job. After a full investigation i won full benefits and the extra 300.00 a week. I had my care credit upgraded and set the date to get new teeth. I happened really fast . I am now on day 6 post surgery. The bottom denture was made wrong and i have a lot of sore spots. They promised to fix it when i go back on the 17th. The upper denture is amazing. They are only my temps so i am not to upset . I miss you and will try to find a way to connect with you other then this comment, LOL. Love you! Hit me up on my email that i hope it saved!

    1. I’m glad your surgery went well, going through some misery now will net you such a higher quality of life in the future! I know that most things aren’t as bad in reality as we’d feared they would be…hopefully this experience was the same for you :). By day 6 I’m guessing that every day is an improvement in discomfort from the day before? I just know that when all is said and done, you’ll be SO glad you made this choice!
      I’m cutting all other social media use WAY down and concentrating most of my efforts here, but I still text a lot too…always available for texting and email too. And if you ever stumble into Mastodon I’m around there as well, as ChiaChatter.
      Well I’m glad to hear that everything went well and you’re on the way to a better life and bigger smiles! Love you too!

  2. Beautiful family relationships, growing kiddos, togetherness, and a bonfire. Life is good! God is great! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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