VIDEO UPLOAD – June 1, 2021 Vlog #2051

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – June 1, 2021 Vlog #2051

  1. Noisy car drivers should be ‘fined’ for disturbing the peace!
    Yes, I eat only one meal a day as well…usually mid-day, then maybe a snack before bed.
    The city repaired (actually REPLACED) the road in front of my house. It’s (finally) done, except for the blacktop. What a lot of ‘humping’, ‘thumping’, and ‘shaking’ of the whole house…for several days! I received my portion of the bill, to be added-on to my property tax…($1985) !!! To me, that seems ‘unfair’. What do they do with the property tax I pay?
    It’s good to see you!

    1. I agree about the noisy car drivers, and most places I’ve lived have ordinances against it, but they’re not enforced apparently.
      Same here, some nights I have a snack also!
      Oh my goodness that’s a lot of noise and mess and, when they put down the blacktop, smell! I thought the taxes were collected beforehand to do road work, and not billed to the residents of that street? Nasty to get a big bill like that, and definitely seems unfair, I agree.
      Along those same lines, a year ago when 4 dams in a row broke along a series of lakes about a half hour east of us (between Casey and I but closer to her) nobody knew whether they’d even be repaired. My sister-in-law who had lakefront property (now no lake of course) said that the lakefront homeowners were EACH going to be billed $80,000 to rebuild those dams! They already took a value hit when they lost their lakefront status and most of them got flooded homes that had to be rebuilt or just bulldozed. And to make matters worse, the inspectors have been notifying the state for several years that at least one of the dams was unstable which of course would cause a domino effect, and the warnings were ignored…and now the state wants to charge the homeowners for something that likely wouldn’t have happened if the state had done its job? It is a big mess…
      BUT God is on His throne and in the end that is all that will matter, right? And He’ll get us through the meantime!
      I think I owe you an email don’t I? ❤️💐🙏

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