VIDEO – Happy Birthday, Luna! Vlog #2103

A trip to the city for some shopping and then to Olive Garden to have now-3YO granddaughter Luna’s birthday dinner!

Because the video is quite long I am posting any photos from the day below the video.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO – Happy Birthday, Luna! Vlog #2103

  1. I really enjoyed your vlog and additional pictures. Luna’s getting so big…and Leelan! He’s become a young MAN! I’m so glad he can help around your home. I think it’s true…people don’t want to work…especially ‘entitled’ able-bodied young people of this day and age (unless you PAY them ‘an-arm-and-a-leg’)! I won’t go further, but I sure COULD. Thanks for the time you took to make this vlog. You did a terrific job! It reminded me of your past YouTube videos, which I enjoyed immensely! Love sent to all…

    1. I can’t believe how fast they are growing up! I’m still trying to get used to the idea that Casey has 3 kids hahaha! I do like making vlogs – it’s the editing that is so time-consuming, sharing things via pictures and/or text is a lot quicker…but sometimes we just gotta watch the movie :). Love to you as well, dear Annette!

  2. Yeaaaaa I found the vid. Can’t believe how the baby has grown and the kids. Saw your beautiful fur baby and Chew. The vid was super clear. I’ll be catching up. Love you! Omg you look great and your hair is long. Marnie❤️

    1. Not all of my vids are clear, where we live now we have DISMAL slow internet, and trying to upload a video of any quality takes hours! So it is what it is… And yes my hair is SO long, it’s making me crazy but it has also gotten really thin so if I got it cut short again I would look bald hahaha!

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