Happy Anniversary to Us! 8/31/20

On our way out, on one of the dirt roads leading to the main road, a car driving WAY too fast in the opposite direction kicked up a stone that left this marble-sized divot in the windshield ?

We ate at one of our favorite places, but it was much different. There are usually at least a half-dozen LONG steam tables, plus the area where we can choose a meat that they’ll grill right there. All of that was gone, replaced by barriers, most of the lights off…and a single worker scooping the food onto styrofoam plates which we ate with plastic cutlery ?

The food was still good, but the atmosphere made us a little sad.

Then a stop at the VERY large Goodwill, where I found a great bargain on some blue pads for the floor (the dogs use them when it’s raining, or we’re not home, or during the night), and a pan that makes tiny mini muffins so I can make zucchini tots! ?

Of course a stop at Biggby…I went all out on an iced caramel-cinnamon-honey coffee. Probably enough carbs for a month in that thing but it was SOOOO good! ?

Our last stop was at the former dam in Sanford, where Pete’s dad lived and Pete spent a lot of time. It was the last of the 4 dams in the system that broke back in May causing horrific “500 year” flooding; much of the area around these dams are still devastated, and the gorgeous big lakes along the system are gone.?

But rather than sadness and desperation, the people of the affected areas are hopeful and forward-looking as they rebuild. Neighbors are working together and though this has been ongoing for over 3 months, we saw them chatting and laughing as they worked. Sanford Strong! signs were everywhere. It was very uplifting! ?

Then we went home to spend the evening together. “Our” turkeys were out in full force to feed while we were out on the patio.?

Meanwhile, Maisie is working on “under” with her long-stay. She works perfectly for me at home, but I’ve not really trained her for working away from home, and frankly, she’s a goofy doofus everywhere else. Though she didn’t have her work harness on, she did wonderfully well with her first lesson in “under” AND a 2-hour long stay – her longest ever, even with the turkeys wandering around the yard, even with me getting up and walking around! So proud of her. ?

Pete and Chuy enjoyed the evening too! ?

Remember this little tabletop chiminea I got at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago? It is adorable! And even cuter when it gets darker outside… This is a plain candle but I have some citronella ones to use if the mosquitoes area bad, too. ?

It was a lovely evening after a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us! 8/31/20

  1. Happy Anniversary you two beautiful people…..sorry about your favorite lunch spot……so much has changed it is sad….we have to just pray….sooo much devastation with places, peoples’ jobs and livelihood it is just awful what they have done for political reasons…..the more we should pray and most importantly vote…..hope your day was fun anyway looks like it was and the main thing is you have each other no matter whatever you do…..love you both….God Bless you both…..:-)…Debbie

    1. Thank you dear friend! We had a good day at any rate, just wasn’t what we expected. The world is in turmoil, none of this is a surprise to God, indeed I believe it is all rolling toward the return of our Jesus, this time not as a meek child but now as a King and Conqueror…that is something we all look forward to. We just have to go through all of this first, right? Love you too Debbie!

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