I know some are very protective of this habit.  In fact, several family and friends are defensive about their personal uses.  They see it as a marvelous alternative to both alcohol and tobacco.  Having read some of what they and others have written the reader could get the impression that it is a victimless and harmless activity.  However, weed is neither victimless nor harmless.  Truthfully, the two best things that can be said about it are 1.) It can be used as a powerful medicine for the few who have awful medical life conditions.  2.) It may be a less toxic form of recreation than street drugs or alcohol.

It is “safer” than alcohol.  OK.  But alcohol is not very safe, is it!  People die in every state on a regular basis due to drunk driving and drunk drivers.  Alcohol is a major contributing factor in heart disease and liver disease, among many.  It also causes foolish behavior, like falling down and drowning and jumping off roofs.  It causes fights.  There’s a lot of bad there.  

So, weed is “safer” than that?  Good to know.  NOT using weed is ALSO safer than alcohol AND it is safer than using weed.  

Study after study is telling us what we already knew or thought we knew about the risks of weed.

First is loss of brain power…and not only when using.  The brain cells seem to be diminished for a LONG time, perhaps forever.  Less intelligence means lower pay over a lifetime, and if you are a person born female, you can’t afford lower pay.  Let people of male description suffer that harm.

Those who use recreationally poo-poo this, I know.  But there are some significant results of weed use.  Interestingly, scientists have somehow connected use of weed with why humans lost their tails in evolution (not true, just wanted to see if you were still reading).

Did you know that the probability of developing mental illness increases by 50% for users according to several verified studies?  

There is also an increased risk, and this seems counterintuitive, of uncontrolled vomiting.  Isn’t it used medically to reduce vomiting?  Yes.  But some experience the opposite effect.

If that weren’t enough, it is expensive.  Many users are blowing more than $500 per month on it.  That’s $6,000 a year, or $150,000 over 25 years.  That’s a new car every 7 ½ years up in smoke.  Of course, this only matters if your income won’t sustain that expense.

Health issues abound with continued use.  More upper respiratory infections.  Increased risk of cancer to mouth, gums, throat and lungs.  (Sure, not as high as cigarette smoking, but greatly increased risk over general population.)

Don’t think it is safe to smoke and drive, either.  Again, it is not as likely to be the cause of an accident, but it DOES inflate the probabilities.  Your response time is reduced, for one.  It is like driving an EV, it takes longer to brake.  So, if you ARE driving an EV and recently smoked weed … you will have even more difficulty stopping when you should.

If that was not enough, there is a now a new study which strongly links marijuana IN ANY FORM with increases in strokes and heart attacks.  In fact, it says, after studying more than 400,000 adults, that daily use increases your risk of heart attack by 25% and chance of stroke by even more (42%).  Ouch!  That bites.  

You know that insurance companies are going to factor this into insurance rates, right?  So are businesses which pay all or part of insurance premiums.  Users may find themselves out of jobs.

Other studies on pregnant women who use weed showed increases in prenatal problems including a 90% higher probability of low baby body weight and an 80% increase in probability of pre-term delivery.  It even increases the likelihood of having a C-section procedure (by 13%).  

The point is that weed is not as benign as it once was thought.

Maybe it would be better to put on your walking shoes and go for a 20-minute hike with a buddy?

Oh!  You already know this … weed increases appetite.  You are more likely to gain weight and who wants that?

Finally, it STINKS.  It smells bad.  The smell is hard to hide.  It gets in your clothes and hair and even your kids smell like weed when they go to school.  You aren’t hiding your habit very well.  

Face it!  There are very few up sides to non-medical uses.  It is an addictive drug (yes, it is … that also has been proven) that you cannot afford.

Like all drugs, it has many negative side effects.

I’ll finish with all the positive reasons you SHOULD use the product for non-medical recreation:  Some likey.   😕

[Reminder:  Be looking for a short story just before Good Friday about failure and forgiveness.]

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3 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don – WEED

  1. For those who want to know what is coming next…
    Holy Thursday: “A Rooster Crowed on a Friday Morning.”
    Also, be looking for 4 weeks exploring the problems people should not experience with co-habitation (it isn’t a book, but it wouldn’t be hard to make one about this.)

  2. This information should be sent to our hospital administrators. One sad truth is that most hospitals no longer require a drug test for new hires AND no longer do random drug testing on staff. Many hospitals now apply “the honor system” to drug use. Hospitals only ask employees if they do drugs. And, the administration take the word of the doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, etc….

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