GUEST POST from Don – Silly Freeze List


1. Spoiled milk.  Small containers of this can be used to make pancakes and french toast.  (Pre-measure)
2. Bread.  Home made frozen bread toasts better, they say.  (I’m not that finicky)
3. Orange rind.  This can be used for those recipes which call for “zest.”  (I just throw it out as I find food tastes far better without.)
4. Embryos.  Children come out fresher????
5. Water in a half-gallon plastic jug.  Great on a hot day at the beach.  Plus you are re-using your plastics which earns you extra points in heaven.
6. Vegetables.  Extra garden items that you want to save for later.
7. Meats.  You can buy in bulk, divide while fresh, and repackage for later meals.
8. Waffles.  They take a lot of time and create such a mess that you should make a double batch and save by 2s.  Then you can have another waffle supper without the mess and time.
9. Nuts.  Hey!  When they go on sale (not often) you can buy a bunch and freeze what you don’t need now.
10. Cheese, too.
11. Broth.  You never have enough for soups and stews, so when you have extra…
12. Lasagna, casseroles, and chili.
13. Some medicines.  To extend their usefulness.
14. Batteries.  For some reason I’ve never put full faith in this.  I also don’t lay them in my car’s back window.  Why not just turn off your device when you’re not using it?  If you’re lost … just turn around and go back the way you came.  It may be the long way, but it is one of the right ways.

1. Eggs.

2. Mayonnaise or anything made with it.
3. Milk (to drink).
4. Raw potatoes, onions, cabbage, or lettuce
5. EVs .
6. People or pets.
7. Things stored in glass jars.
8. Certain fruits don’t do well, such as pineapples and oranges.
9. Money.  Put that green stuff in a place where it can grow.
10. Things already sealed in cans.  (Including soft drinks, unless you like slushy soft drink all over the freezer compartment.)

1. Ice cream
2. Chocolate bars (but not the ones with toffee, as you may want to keep your teeth)
3. Cool Whip is fine.
4. Sherbet (but never eat ice milk products, or icy pops … they have no redeeming value)
5. Some people eat frozen peas as a snack … (umm, there’s a reason most people heat those…heating breaks down the bird poop on them??  I could be wrong.)
6. Strawberries or blueberries are good frozen if you can stand the headache that comes with that.  (However, avoid eating frozen mango or passion fruit if you can’t stand them at room temperature.)

1. Coffee (Yet, I always wonder, “Why?”  Hot coffee supplies an experience not available with its cooler cousin.)  
2. Ice Tea (It is actually in the name).  Refreshingly bitter.
3. Roads on a cold morning after an early morning mist.
4. Sno-Cones (another useless item unless you love blue-stained lips).
5. American soft drinks.  (The ice should go in first, the other way makes no sense at all.  After all, why would you want the top of the drink cold but the bottom, which you are drinking with a straw, still room temperature).
6. Root beer.  (I separate this from other soft drinks.  It must be in a frosty cold glass, with shaved ice, and with the root beer chilled.)
7. Fresh lemonade (Kool-aid and Country Time are not lemonade.  They don’t deserve ice, just cool them in the fridge if there’s space.  On the other hand, if you have small children don’t waste the “good stuff” on them.  They won’t appreciate it.)
8. The stuff you spread on cakes, for some strange reason, has no actual connection to ice.
9. “Icing” is a hockey term not a baking term.  Don’t confuse them.  Hockey is played on ice. Cakes aren’t played on ice and if you tried to “play” them on ice you’d often end up with an upside down cake.  Just don’t!
10. Fishing.  Well, it’s a crazy world.  I don’t see the point unless you’re starving.  Why would you want your winter gloves to smell like fish?

In July I have one I am writing for Independence Day.  I like to invite others to share their creativity from time to time.  If you have a poem, artwork, or a writing which fits Independence Day please submit it to Owly’s email (label it for “July 4.”)  She has some standards for submissions.  I am not in charge of her site, I’m merely a guest.  

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2 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don – Silly Freeze List

  1. BTW, I was disappointed to read that cake “frosting” also has absolutely nothing to do with cold weather frost or the poet. It should be changed anyway to “overly-sweet stuff they use to make cakes pretty.” In most cases I prefer to leave gobs of it on my plate after eating the cake itself. Sometimes it tastes so bad that I scrape it off the cake and toss into the trash. Maybe there’s a penalty for that??

    1. I was never a fan of overly sweet stuff on cakes either, and always left it on my plate! Once I tasted the thinner, fluffier kind though – about the consistency of (real) whipped cream, I liked that but only in a thin layer…

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