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I am NOT a nutritionist.  I know NOTHING about diets.  I figure I am snack-dab in the middle.

Here’s what I do know:  South-Beach Diet is … (thinking of a nicer term than was in my mind) … “interesting.”  I was never so hungry continually until I wasted 3 months trying to live up to that god.

My next attempt at diet happened when I was diagnosed with a common middle-age problem called Type 2 Diabetes.  I chose a sensible diet.  I allowed myself to eat as much as I wanted of raw fruits and vegetables.  I allowed myself almost as much as I wanted of cooked vegetables (except carrots and potatoes).  I ate a reasonable portion of meat.  I cut in half the allowable portions of the following:  Bread, rice, potatoes, carrots, and pasta.  Using this plan I lost 5 pounds per year for nearly 8 years and with minimal medicine controlled my A1C levels.  I never felt hungry.

That diet stopped working when I hit retirement.  It is hard to sit at home and not gain weight and/or increase A1C levels (always hungry).  I needed a new plan.

The other issue was kidney stones.  Ugh!  Try to match a diet to reduce the risk of kidney stones with a diet to control blood sugars…just try!!!!!!!!!  I think the only common items are celery and water.  I’m not a huge fan of either.  We had tasty ice-cold spring water direct from the tap at our country home growing up…nothing matches the thirst-quenching elixir we had.

A third issue is not mine.  My wife enjoys an intolerance to wheat (and wheat by-products, I suppose), but is not hindered by my issues.  We often have to cook TWO separate meals.  Now that I’m retired it isn’t usually awful, but it is frustrating.  

Can I mention one more problem?  It seems everyone has a “solution” to our concerns when I mention them.  Frankly, that is almost never helpful.  To be more frank … it is NEVER helpful (but keep trying because it probably makes you feel superior).  For instance one well-meaning friend insists that the best solution to the hunger problem is to replace the sugars with another product.  Fine for her, I guess.  When she tastes that product she tastes something sweet.  Both my wife and I find that product to only taste bitter.  We aren’t defective.  Nope!  We are actually quite normal.  Plus, people with diabetes are more likely to experience negative side effects.


In a October 25, 2019 article in GQ by Emily Abbate she suggest 4 helpful ideas.  

1. Get good sleep.  People who sleep well eat better.  Certain hormones are controlled better which allow the dieter to say “no” to cookies (I wish I could get my computer on the same diet).
2. Drink more water.  Many snackers just have an empty tummy.  Put something in there that doesn’t add calories.  (My criticism of this idea is that there is no way a person could drink as much water as she suggests AND get work done … unless your desk chair is the commode.)
3. Balance your foods.  No, you don’t have to join a circus.  Just make sure to eat proteins and fats with your carbs.  Your body needs fuels that kick in after the carb high is over.
4. Eat more food at meal time.  Finally something I can get behind!!!  One problem is that we think skimping at meal-time will fool our bodies into a diet plan.  Believe me, your body is not a fool!



No single “DIET” exists which works for everyone.

I found there isn’t even a single diet which works for ONE person for their entire lifetime.  Your body and its needs change.  What works NOW may not work next year.  I was pleased with my 8-year diet.  My body was pleased.  I’m glad I saved a few smaller-Don clothes because I needed them.

Now I’m in a different phase of life and I’m beginning to develop a new helpful plan (which will include far less chocolate and sodium).

Each person has their own issues.  Not everyone is held back by diabetes.  Some are dealing with cancer, others with glaucoma.  Each medical condition has a “best practices” diet.  Each age range, too, has special concerns.  There are people I know who only eat one meal per day.  Others eat micro-meals (like a never-ending buffet).  I can’t tell you how to maintain your best health.  And let me be clear about this: I don’t think there are many physicians who can tell you that either…because I have asked for help and all I got was a mimeographed copy of some diet someone (not the doctor) developed 22 years ago.  The doctor didn’t even know (and maybe didn’t care) what that oddly not quite white piece of paper said.

My final word of advice:  DON’T STOP TRYING.  Just because what you have tried has not worked does not mean you should throw in the towel (of course, if it is dirty go ahead and toss that puppy into the washer…you’ll be glad you did).  Experiment until you find something better.  5% is better than 0% every day of the week.  There is no perfect diet, but there are better ones.  Find the better that works for YOU.

God bless!

[NOTE:  Be looking for a short story about failure and forgiveness just before Good Friday.  FYI, I can’t read it aloud without an emotional response.]

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