GUEST POST from David: UK Vacation, Sept. 2022 – Day 20

Sunday 9th October 2022.

We slept in a little late today which was unusual for us. Being a Saturday night last night, it was pretty busy and the hotel was packed out this morning with people all over the place. There quite a lot of foreign-speaking guests in the hotel. My guess is that they are British but speaking in their own tongue – like Hindu or Chinese or similar.

The day was bright and sunny with blue skies and fluffy clouds again. Today, we found there was a wildlife park about 25 miles up the road in the Cotswolds area. It was called Cotswold Wildlife Park. This was as good as anywhere else to visit so we went online and bought our tickets and were given a reference number. That’s all we’ll need to get in.

On one of our previous days up here we were entering Lechlade and there was a back-up of traffic about half a mile out of town. We sat in the queue for about 20 minutes or so previously and eventually we pulled out of the line, did a three-point turn and headed back the way we came. This time we were hoping that the back-ups we gone, but for some reason, there they were again. We turned around and took a little B road that brought us into Lechlade from a different direction. We got closer to the junction that was causing the problem this time. There was some construction going on and a traffic light had malfunctioned and was causing the back-ups. We were fortunate that the direction we wanted to go in was clear, so we zipped down the line to the front and turned right and headed out of town. The back-up trying to get through from the other direction was even longer that the other one. We didn’t care and headed north for the Wildlife Park. We went through plenty of small villages that had the honey-colored Cotswold stone buildings. They were very attractive too.

We got up there within the hour and it was quite busy as it was a Sunday and school was out and parents had the weekend off. We pulled up to one of the entrance booths, gave my name and booking number and we waved right on through. We got parked up and headed for the entrance.

The Cotswold Wildlife Park was a little better organized than the outfit down in Bristol. They had a large map of the place at the entrance and it was easy to wind your way around. The animals here has quite a lot of space per species and were not cramped into smaller pens and areas. The whole place was laid out so you can move around and had plenty of space to view the animals. We spent a nice 2 or 3 hours here, had some snacks and drinks and eventually we had covered everything so we headed back to the car.

We headed south back to Swindon but stopped on the way to find a nice country pub with some good food. We found one that was similar to the Marstons we had previously been in. The parking lot was quite packed but we went in anyway and it wasn’t too bad and there were plenty of tables free. They had the traditional Sunday Roast dinner so we ordered two of those and some drinks to wash it down with. The dinners arrived and they were absolutely excellent with tons of stuff including roast turkey and Yorkshire pudding too. We relaxed and ate with gusto and managed to finish what was on our plates. All in all, a very nice Sunday Roast Dinner.

This has been part 20 of a series of posts highlighting the trip of a British ex-pat in the US when he returns to the UK for a vacation. He shares the experiences with us here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next few weeks. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have, and seeing the areas he (and his lovely wife) visit, through my friend David’s eyes. ~ Sherry

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